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My report on Sunday at Boskone 43 is up at The Internet Review of Science Fiction; you'll need a login to view it, but it doesn't cost anything (if you object on principle, I may repost here when the exclusive rights period is up. Haven't decided yet.). Contents: two detailed panel reports on "Audio Books" and "SF as Literature?", and annotations to one talk, "Weird Quantum Phenomena."

I have something to get done tonight, so I don't have time to read or comment on the rest of the issue, alas, but the table of contents looks interesting.

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This post has no detailed panel reports, because I am in the process of writing them up for submission to The Internet Review of Science Fiction—if they want it, great, $70 for something I'd do anyway (that's 3.5 Fullmetal Alchemist DVDs!); if not, I'll just post it here later. I only went to panels on Sunday anyway, so you're not missing much. However, the writeup is taking forever [*], and it can't possibly appear in IROSF for a while, so I might as well stop on that for the night and do all the chatty personal stuff that IROSF won't want.

[*] Taking notes on a Palm + keyboard saves a little time in turning the notes into a report, in that I don't have to wonder what that scribble meant. However, turning notes into sentences still takes just as long, plus I was able to take more notes than usual because I type faster than I write.

This was a con with a big hole in the middle for me: I had lunch with non-congoing friends in a suburb on Saturday, which basically killed the entire day. Here's the short version of the con: Friday: Tor party setup and attendance with physical stupidities; Saturday: dinner and hanging out with logistical stupidities; Sunday: actual panels.

The long version: Friday )

Saturday )

On Sunday, I started the day by a quick pass through the dealers' rooom and then headed for the consuite to drink some water and wake up some more. Of course I sat down at a table with John M. Ford hidden behind a vase of flowers. I built a tower of dominoes and listened to other people talk, being completely too short on sleep to even cope. After that, actual panels, which as noted are to be reported elsewhere or later: John M. Ford's reading from The Fellowship of the Woosters; a panel on audiobooks; "SF as Literature?"; and "Weird Quantum Phenomena." Then we waved vaguely at people in the hotel lobby and stumbled out.


  • The Kestrel, Lloyd Alexander, used. I failed to realize that this was #2 in a trilogy, despite it being clearly printed on the bottom of the cover; I guess that was logistical stupidity #3. However, the library has Westmark, which I shall borrow anon.
  • Voyage of the Dawn Treader, C.S. Lewis, used. Slowly filling in holes in the series.
  • The Destroyer Goddess, Laura Resnick, free. Chad didn't see anything he wanted for a prize after throwing an alien into the volcano, so I snagged this. I have the first one in the series and will read it eventually.
  • How to Keep Dinosaurs, Robert Mash, new. This is actually Chad's purchase, but it's so damn cute I have to mention it: a perfectly deadpan guide to owning dinosaurs as pets or livestock, in the style of a dog-breed guide. It has little information icons like a teddy bear ("likes children") and a teddy bear with a bite out of the leg ("likes children to eat"), note-perfect discussions of the merits of various species for different purposes, and beautiful illustrations. Our edition is a UK one, ISBN 0297843982; apparently it's also available in the US under ISBN 0297843478. I highly recommend it.

Overall: good con and great to see everybody, as usual. I keep wanting to think of something that I could volunteer to be on programming for, since Chad enjoyed his panels, but really I can't think of a thing I'd be specially qualified for, and who wants a panelist who doesn't have any more qualification than anyone else in the audience?

Other reports:

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The preliminary program is up, and I'm making notes to myself to figure out my schedule for the weekend.

But first, I whine: my throat feels like some evil persistent imp has taken a Brillo pad to it, my lungs ache profoundly, the skin around my nose is bright red and stings when I move any muscle on my face, my stomach has gone on strike to protest the steady diet of cough drops, all the synapses in my brain have edged away from their neighbors thanks to the decongestants (which have mostly stopped working), my ears are blocked up and I just did something nasty to my jaw when yawning to try and clear them, and I am vastly lacking in sleep. In short, I have a cold, and I want it to stop.

There. Aren't you sorry the program came out today so I had an excuse to post?

notes towards a preliminary Boskone schedule )

I am bringing my spiffy new Palm with wireless keyboard, so I will be typing notes at panels; if anyone would particularly like detailed notes for anything on this list, please say so in comments. I refuse to feel obligated by requests, but I am more likely to distort my wrists on the little keyboard if I know someone actually wants to read the things.

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