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Are Trent the Uncatchable and Vash the Stampede cross-cultural manifestations of the same archetype—goofy-seeming pacifists who do improbable things and around whom improbable things happen? If so, what other manifestations are there?

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Spoilers for the end of Trigun. Also, [livejournal.com profile] rachelmanija, you said the resolution comes after the closing credits, which I don't understand; the US DVD, and the fansub I downloaded as a backup, had stuff happening during the final credits, but not after.

Spoilers, obviously, for the whole series.

Series-ruining spoilers for Trigun )

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Two pieces of correspondence after this evening's attempt to watch episodes 23 and 24 of Trigun:

Dear Netflix:

The last few minutes of episode 24 are a really bad place for a disc to stop working.

Very truly yours,

A customer

* * *

Dear readers:

Don't tell me what happens at the end of episode 24! Or what happens in the last two episodes. If you do, I will kill you with my brain, because I want to see it for myself.

Very truly yours,

A most sincere Kate

Brief notes on what we did see behind the cut. I really mean it about spoilers.

Trigun, episodes 23 & most of 24, spoilers )

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Approaching the end. Spoil me and die: which includes saying that something will be explained later, or giving hints, or saying that I should have noticed such-and-such. It warps my expectations and it pisses me off. Just don't.

Spoilers for Trigun eps. 20-22 )

Also, finally made a Vash icon to be my default for the show, which may or may not be showing because of the maintenance on userpics. (And a matching Wolfwood one, see userinfo.)

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We actually watched two discs back-to-back, but I'm going to split up the posts for the sake of anyone coming after who's watching disc-by-disc. Unlikely, I know.

Spoil me and die.

Spoilers for Trigun episodes 14-16 )

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Episodes 11-13 of Trigun (are we already/only halfway through?). Spoil me and die (well, spoil me further and die, since I've been spoiled inadvertently for episode 23, boo hiss).

Trigun, episodes 11-13 )

Finally, I continue to be annoyed that the crossed-guns image from the opening credits doesn't work at 100x100. Nothing else that's not a spoiler has jumped out at me as wanting to be an icon for the show.

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I didn't have to work this weekend!

Which happened to be particularly timely since I had a camera stuck down my throat yesterday to check on my acid reflux, which meant fasting and then being sedated, but even still, yay, not working this weekend!

(The endoscopy was fine. They got an IV started on the first try, which was a very welcome change from the last times I needed IVs, and I seem to come out of sedation a lot more easily than Chad does. Now my hips, on the other hand . . . )

Work earlier this week was kind of odd. Though I was behind my self-imposed schedule, which I did not like, I had this feeling of—clarity, balance, stillness inside my head, where there was nothing but the words that were coming out. (I don't think it was just the fatigue.) It was great and not quite like anything I usually feel. The trick is going to be still writing when I don't feel that way, since I can still be productive when I'm grinding out one sentence at a time. (Being behind schedule turned out not to be a problem, but I can't rely on that, either.)

In other work news, if anyone needs a hotel in Rochester, NY, I recommend the Strathallan. Quiet neighborhood, huge rooms, and an apparently-gourmet restaurant that I didn't eat in. (Well, okay, I had breakfast in it, but toast and cold cereal is not really a guide to the excellence of dinner.)

Finally, grrrrr, being spoiled for Trigun by an entrance post into a pan-fandom RPG. I suppose for many characters, there's no way to avoid major spoilers if they're being brought in post-canon, but still, grrr.

Oh well. Since I don't have to work tonight!, I'm going to curl up under a blanket and read The Mislaid Magician, which ought to more than make up for it.

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Still having fun. Spoilers through episode 10 behind the cut. Spoil me and die.

Trigun, episodes 8-10 )

I really need to make more icons for the show, but the only thing that's caught my eye, the crossed guns at the end of the opening credits, doesn't work at all when scaled down to 100x100. And there's a lot of work I ought to be doing, so I shouldn't go hunting better ideas just now. *attempts to exercise willpower*

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The DVDs have already gone to three episodes apiece, which is annoying particularly because episodes 5 and 6 are a set, and episodes 7 and 8 (at least) certainly appear to be. We watched this last Friday; minimalist comments behind the cut.

Spoil me and die.

spoilers for Trigun episodes 5-7 )

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This was recommended by several people. It's early yet but it seems very promising.

Trigun is a science fiction Western, set on a desert planet with bounty hunters, sheriffs, and so forth. Vash the Stampede has a $$60,000,000,000.00 [*] bounty on his head and leaves a trail of destruction in his wake (nicknamed "the Humanoid Typhoon," and I have to think "Human Typhoon" sounds better); however, he's so goofy that people tend not to believe it's actually him, and through four episodes, he's not killed anyone, and indeed gone out of his way to avoid it.

[*] Certain units are given different names, like "double dollars" for currency and "iles" for distance.

Among those seeking Vash are two women who work for an insurance company, the shorter no-nonsense Meryl and the large, soft-voiced, sweet Milly. I like them both so far. Also, there's a cat that appears in each episode (so far), which amuses me: see icon.

I was warned that these first episodes were rather slapsticky, and I suppose in an absolute sense they are, but really, Martian Successor Nadesico has raised my threshold for "slapstick" considerably.

Further comments are spoilers, behind the cut. Spoil me and die.

Trigun, spoilers for episodes 1-4 )

(Patriots scored, but they're about to punt on 4th and 10 with five minutes left. Grr.)

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