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SPOILERS through end of S5, i.e., all episodes so far )

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The one-hour special/finale for season five that aired tonight.

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I thought this was the end of S5, but now it appears that S5 has 32 episodes rather than 26; that there will be single episodes on Dec. 31 & Jan. 7; and then there will be a four-part/1 hour episode on Jan. 21? (I'm basing this off the wiki, which you may prefer to avoid if you don't like seeing episode titles in advance.)

. . . now I'm paranoid again that there is no S6, which still has not been formally announced, that the work done on S6 was folded into the movie instead.

Anyway! Here is the first new episode since "Legs From Here to Homeworld" was released in July on the app, and it aired on Christmas Eve, thanks, CN.

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The next episode of Steven Universe, after "Reunited," is "Legs From Here to Homeworld" and was shown at San Diego Comic Con. It is now available on the Cartoon Network's app . . . if you have a cable provider login. There is no TV release date yet. If you're waiting to watch it, please beware . . . basically everywhere.

Oh, and a movie was announced at SDCC, to be aired on the CN not theatrically. There's basically no other information available.

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It has been a very long very hot day, and I watched this with the sound low because SteelyKid was falling asleep upstairs after fireworks, so, shallow commentary:

spoilers )
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SPOILERS, all the spoilers, really MAJOR SPOILERS )

Edit edit: a few days ago Cartoon Network accidentally leaked a bit of footage from an undetermined point later in the series; opening up the Steven Universe subreddit the next day was like that gif from Community with the pizza and the fire. So, beware.
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The Cartoon Network has released the next four Steven Universe episodes on its app, and also apparently on iTunes. They are to air one a week starting on Monday April 9, and then there's going to be a half-hour special on Monday May 7.

If you can stand to wait, honestly you might want to; these four episodes aren't anything like the tight single arc like the five Zoo episodes or the first four episodes of this season that aired as "Wanted." (Huh, I never wrote up the episodes that came between that and "Lars of the Stars." Should do that.)

Anyway. Spoilers.

spoilers )
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This may not be a great idea because I literally ended the last panel I was on by saying that I was done with brains—I am very tired—but I need to stay upright for a little bit and I don't have a lot of notes for this, I don't think, looking at my notebook. So:

Steven Universe continues to be a show that deals uncompromisingly with issues around gender, childhood, and family in ways both unexpected and delightful (if not without the occasional problem). It's also telling a great long-form adventure story. We'll talk about all elements of this show in a panel that, like the show itself, will appeal to fans of all ages.
Kate Nepveu (moderator), Brian Liberge, Julia Rios, Hannah Simpson, Rachel Kenley

SPOILERS for all episodes )

So, it was pretty great. But tiring, it was an active panel, and I was spending so much energy on moderating that I lost the ability to speak slowly, for which I also apologize.
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Yes, I know I haven't written up the five prior episodes, I watched them on the app while I was about 3/4 asleep in our spare room and haven't since. I'll rewatch before Arisia and post then.

I am about 1/2 asleep now so this will be quick.

spoilers )
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So the first four episodes of season five of Steven Universe aired tonight as a "one hour special event." They will be re-airing individually throughout the week -- two tomorrow at 7:00, then one Wednesday & one Thursday.

Aside: my DVR didn't know what to do with a block that didn't have proper season/episode information attached and shoved it down at the bottom of the list, which made me think it hadn't recorded at first, that is, panic.

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These are available on demand through my cable provider this weekend, so I watched them all in a gulp tonight. (I was going to last night but I was done with Con or Bust stuff too late.) The episodes air Monday-Thursday this week; Season 5 premieres Memorial Day.

I don't know if I'll do individual episode breakdowns, as I'll be very very busy all week and away Thursday night to boot. So come back when you've seen them all!

spoilers for all five episodes )
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Check either your cable's on-demand system or the CN app--the app is releasing next week's episodes today, and while my cable system (Spectrum, formerly Time Warner) isn't participating in the app, it does have all of new week's episodes available on-demand now, ending Monday, when they start airing on CN.

Eee! New Steven Universe tonight for me!

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