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A vid of Appa being awesome.

Appa! This is totally going on my personal pick-me-up list.

hey thinky Avatar fans

Wednesday, May 19th, 2010 09:47 pm
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A call for papers on "the cultural significance of [Avatar: the Last Airbender] as a transforming and transformative text."

Appa says you should go for it.

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Dear M. Night Shyamalan,

Did you actually say, "The features of the characters [in the animated series] are an intentional mix of all features. It's intended to be ambiguous."

Intended to be ambiguous? Are we even looking at the same show (warning: extremely image-heavy)?!

No love,


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So if you haven't heard about the whitewashing of the live-action movie of Avatar: The Last Airbender, well, I have two images and one video:

The images (from racebending.com, where they used to be on the front page, now no longer hotlinked):

characters in original

characters in movie

and an embedded video )

For more, see [livejournal.com profile] racebending or racebending.com.

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SteelyKid kindly slept long enough tonight to let us watch the Avatar finale on DVD, but she is going to wake any moment, so, SPOILERS:

series spoilers )

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We've been continuing to quietly watch Avatar: The Last Airbender from NetFlix—actually I've been mostly listening, taking the opportunity to cross-stitch, but regardless—and last night we got through the second-to-last disc of season two, the one that concludes with the filler episode "The Tales of Ba Sing Se." Which reminded Chad that he'd channel-surfed past the finale without realizing it last weekend, and which reminded me that I'd seen posts about it, but nothing outside spoiler-cuts (thank you all), and so I had no idea how it was generally received.

So, for those of you who've seen the whole thing, a poll (format nicked from [livejournal.com profile] coalescent):

[Poll #1229962]

And if it's not just BAD but a complete trainwreck, do feel free to say so (though without details, please, as if you spoil me I will kill you with my brain), since I've had enough of that for the moment with Kage Baker's Company books.

(Also, we were bummed to see that the voice actor for Uncle Iroh, Mako, passed away during the series. Wikipedia indicates that he finished out season two; I hope his season three replacement doesn't suck.)

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Screw flying cars. Where is my in-home custom clothing fabricator?

(Prompted by an unfun trip to get maternity clothes. Chad thought I was going to say "uterine replicator," but I pointed out that even if I wasn't needing maternity clothes now, I'd still have to buy clothes sometime.)

* * *

The first four episodes of Avatar: The Last Airbender were entertaining; pitched a little young, but that did make them undemanding after a long day. We'll probably keep watching.

* * *

Hugo nominees update:

Ragamuffin (booklog) and The Orphan's Tales: In the Cities of Coin and Spice (booklog) for novel; honorable mention to The Secret History of Moscow (booklog), which I am allergic to. The Arrival (booklog) for related book, which you all have to go out and get right this minute, seriously, I mean it!

I may try and squeeze in Acacia, but am unlikely to get to Shelter (I'm sick of winter and am not much for dystopias at the best of times).

* * *

Just a few links, because I've been spending all my delicious time on boskone reports.

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