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I'm c&p'ing this in from Twitter and cleaning it up/adding links as I go, because it takes little brain.

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Jan. 15th, 2017 12:28 pm
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I promised links at the Moana panel that just ended, so I might as well write that up first. The panel writeup will generally assume that you've read these because I'm hoping to get to a 1pm panel.

Good overview at Smithsonian.com: references the Long Pause in Polynesian exploration of the Pacific, the controversy over Maui's character design, the omission of Maui's companion goddess Hina, the various coconut-people and general coconut-related issues, and some details that were accurate and welcome.

More in the NYT about Maui's size.

The Guardian on authenticity as marketing tool (see: Vanity Fair), especially in the context of the economic effect of tourism on Hawaii.

A Twitter thread on complicated feelings from @fangirlJeanne.

Mari Ness on, among other things, the unexamined weirdness about the environmental message ("it’s a message that diminishes environmental issues down to “magic,” something largely beyond human control, and suggests that only “magic” can restore the environment").

(A kind person on ToastieSlack provided me with some of these links.)

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Notes about today's panel. I will say above the cut that I do not set out to be the Designated Harsher of Squee, but that I find these questions of representation important and if I'm going to be the only one making the case, well, so be it even if it's tiring and frustrating (it is).

Usual disclaimer: it's easier for me to remember what I said because, well, I'm the one who said it; I wasn't taking notes during so I generally am not positive which panelist said what, and so I usually leave those attributions out. If you want to claim credit, please do!

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And now I have half an hour to get some lunch and go to Ursula Vernon's GOH talk.
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Is awesome, as usual. Copy-pasted inelegantly, sorry, hurry.

Saturday, January 14
Heard the Dice Hit the Table: Games as Fiction
Marina 1 (2E), 11:30am - 12:45pm
Tracks: Literature
Types: Panel
Kate Nepveu (moderator), James Hailer, Mehitabel Glenhaber, Henry M. White, Lauren M. Roy
In the last 40 years, SF/F has had an uneasy relationship with the kind of games that generate fiction, both tabletop and computerized. From magazine submission guidelines that warn off fiction that sounds like it came from a tabletop game to stories about people playing games, gaming is clearly part of the storyteller tradition. How does fiction incorporate gaming and game materials, and what in gaming might help us find interesting literature?

Saturday, January 14
Night Vale 2017
Douglas (3W), 4pm - 5:15pm
Tracks: Media
Types: Panel
Kate Nepveu (moderator), Raven Stern, Gordon Linzner, Michelle Wexelblat, A.J. Odasso
It's been three years since Arisia last took a look at Night Vale, everyone's favorite southwestern town. We'll take a look at where things stand with our favorite residents, as well as discussing the way the show continues to evolve as podcasting becomes a more mature medium.

Sunday, January 15
Moana: Disney's Latest
Marina 1 (2E), 10am - 11:15am
Tracks: Media
Types: Panel
Michael A. Ventrella (moderator), Konner Jebb, Barbara M Pugliese, Kate Nepveu, Hanna Lee Rubin Abramowitz
Disney's *Moana*, their latest release, is a huge hit. We'll discuss what we loved and didn't love about The Rock's first major role anchoring a Disney animated flick, as well as their handling of native Hawaiian mythology (and casting), and the use of music by Tony Winner Lin-Manual Miranda.

Sunday, January 15
Reading the Hugos
Marina 1 (2E), 7pm - 8:15pm
Tracks: Literature
Types: Panel
Kate Nepveu (moderator), Reuben Baron, Julia Gilstein, Mark W. Richards, Julia Rios
_The Fifth Season_ by N.K. Jemisin, _Binti_ by Nnedi Okorafor, _Folding Beijing_ by Hao Jingfang, trans. Ken Liu, and _Cat Pictures Please_ by Naomi Kritzer. Let's read the Hugos! Our panelists will react to the award-winning stories of 2016, look at themes, commonalities, and differences, as well as speculate what this year means to the awards as a whole.

Monday, January 16
Fanfiction: Where to Find It and What It Means
Marina 1 (2E), 10am - 11:15am
Tracks: Fan Interest
Types: Panel
Nomi S. Burstein (moderator), Hilary L. Hertzoff, A.J. Odasso, Kate Nepveu, Cassandra Lease
You've gotten into a really great book/movie/TV show/game, and there's just not enough of it in the world. How do you find the stories, written by fans, that expand your favorite universe? Why do some fandoms get thousands of stories and others don't? What the heck is slash? Come learn about places to find stories (Archive of Our Own, fanfiction.net, LiveJournal communities, etc.), talk about types of stories that can be found, and discuss fandom and fanfic mores.

Feel free to comment on the descriptions, offer things you'd like to hear discussed if you were there, and so forth!

Speaking of which:

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(I deliberately do not have a "no" option because it does not help me keep track of things.)

Edit: also, I will be running the bake sale Saturday morning! Come say hi, eat something, bring baked goods (you can also drop them off early in Quincy, near Starbucks). Will benefit Con or Bust & the Tiptree Award.

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