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and SteelyKid, playing black, has a very specific defensive philosophy she's imparting to the Pip:

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(or view on google photos)

Edit: over breakfast, literally all they did was move pieces back and forth behind their defensive lines. I mentioned that at some point, someone would have to attempt to threaten the other's king, but they just shrugged at me. I find this hilarious.

some pictures

Wednesday, November 18th, 2015 09:37 pm
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The Pip rediscovered his camera today (the kids both have real ones, though old, because made-for-kids cameras are terrible) and took 241 pictures, mostly at the fire station for a Girl Scouts tour [*], three of which I thought I'd share, plus one I took.

[*] Without SteelyKid, perversely, because I assist with Girl Scouts and Chad assists with Odyssey of the Mind, which had its first meeting today, so they both needed to be at that, and so the Pip needed to be at one of those, and was much better off rampaging the fire station than sitting at a meeting.

First, a pair of portraits of me: one I took because, for some reason I was never entirely clear on, a social media circle elsewhere was doing selfies in hoodies. As I said then, I don't wear hoodies, but I stopped to take this before I headed out into the rain. I rather like the severity of it and the slightly mysterious air the raincoat's hood provides:

hooded figure selfie )

Next is the one the Pip took today, because it's nice to be reminded of his literal POV (lots of pictures of my belly in the full set) and because it demonstrates his breathtaking lack of personal space. Also, my hair is very shiny in this.

portrait in extreme closeup )

And while we're doing selfies, the Pip's first attempt, which is extremely blurry because it's an old camera and thus doesn't have a flip screen, but amused me:

super blurry Pip )

Finally, one arty picture worthy of his dad, a fire truck's shiny hubcap (also a portrait of us):

selfie in hubcap )

(Probably you want actual pictures of the Pip, too, and Chad's got you covered: leaping into a leaf pile, leaning over a book that SteelyKid is reading him, with said book on his birthday, and sitting in the driver's seat (SteelyKid too). Also, SteelyKid in her taekwondo sparring gear, because I found it while looking for the rest of these.)

And he barely objected to taking his amoxycillin (he got strep a week and a day after his sister), so on the whole, a good night.
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Because if you need a preschooler dressed like a superhero being photobombed by a first-grader, well, that's a very specific need and I've got you covered:

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And now, to eat the breakfast I haven't yet in order to get them out the door on time, walk the dog, and do all the housework that I comprehensively failed at last night. Also go to work.
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some lousy-quality, but cute, pictures taken of them in the last week (with the camera in my tablet; all previously uploaded to FaceBook. I think the thing likely to push me over into getting a smartphone is actually an always-on-me camera, weirdly enough.).

A week ago, the Pip demanded I take his picture; here he is with SteelyKid, singing a song about flowers (consisting of "flowers!" over and over again):

two pictures )

The intermediate stage of SteelyKid's Lego Jaeger, entirely self-designed and -constructed:

one picture )

And the Pip, telling me he has a new nose:

one picture )

They are now, uh, *counts on fingers, rounds off* five and three-quarters and two and a half, basically. Time, it does fly.


Wednesday, September 30th, 2009 11:05 pm
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Behind the cut, two pictures of me with my new glasses and, more importantly to most, SteelyKid:

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SteelyKid across my lap then and now.

(Developmental post tonight, I hope!)

It's all relative

Saturday, January 31st, 2009 01:22 pm
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Every time I pick SteelyKid up, or dress her in her nine-month outfits, I marvel at how big she's getting.

And then I see Chad holding her—

picture )

—and I marvel at how tiny she is.

Like the subject says.

bonus zoom on hands )

Genius baby!

Wednesday, December 3rd, 2008 07:25 am
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Chad has the proof.

In unrelated SteelyKid matters, tell me about teaching infants to go to sleep without being held until they're so deeply asleep that being put down in their crib doesn't wake them.

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A cropped, but otherwise unaltered, picture of me now, wearing the latest in accesories:


In the mirror in our entryway, trying out a sling for SteelyKid. Hair's longer than I'd like, glasses are the previous version (current version got twisted when they were awkwardly packed in the hospital, and then I popped the screw trying to un-twist them, and I haven't had the opportunity to get them repaired yet), but at least I showered today.

I'm still not sure about the sling—the angle SteelyKid's head is at doesn't look comfortable, but my torso is narrow and there doesn't seem to be any other way—but she was falling asleep in it when I took the picture:

sleepy scrunched-up baby )

and protested when I tried to take her out of it. Since she's been colicky (oh, the joys of discovering yet another food that probably causes her pain!), and is now sound asleep, I'll risk it for a little while longer.

Comments on babies in slings (note the specificity) are welcome. Other advice is not.

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Two pictures of SteelyKid that Chad hasn't blogged yet, both post-bath: Princess Tutu baby and punk-rock baby.

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Upon hearing that I was going to take her upstairs and feed her, SteelyKid said, "Exh-cellent, my plan to dominate Chateau Steelypips is working!"

We have added "Evil Genius Baby" to our ever-growing list of nicknames for her (ActualBaby, SteelyKid, the Empress of Eastern New York (suggested by a commenter at Chad's, in light of Emmy's status as the Queen of Niskayuna) . . . ).

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And in case FutureBaby was waiting for the nursery decoration to be complete, today we picked up the framed little dragon cross-stitches and put them on the walls.

Pictures behind the cut; not great ones because they were taken without flash (reflection off the glass) and then color-corrected, but they give the idea.

three pictures )

(I'm currently trying to finish this ten-year-old kit, slogging through 5-strand satin stitch for the big diamonds on sheer stubborn—not only do I hate multi-strand satin stitch, but I don't particularly like the design any more, either. But I'm trying to be virtuous and complete this before I start experimenting with evenweave.)

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Our home renovation project is now done, done, done. The contractor installed the cabinet doors yesterday (sooner than we expected) and did a last little thing outside today. I should probably have waited for daylight, but I couldn't resist taking pictures tonight once I'd finished (some of) the other things I needed to do:

Pictures! )

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Chad's put up a post with day-by-day pictures of the garage remodeling. Note the enormous frickin' hole in the front, where two egress-sized windows will going. (The contractors are just coming in and out through that each day, and bypassing the actual doors completely.)

The rest of the house is to the left in these pictures. A new door into the living room has been cut just out of frame in the front (as seen from the living room). A door to the outside on the right, also just out of frame, has been removed; there's a picture on Flickr of the nice job they did matching the siding (cedar, apparently—who knew?).

And if you want to see the existing door into the kitchen (roughly where these pictures are taken from), plus the dog and doggie dialogue, Chad's got that too.

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I've finished the first of the cross-stitch projects I'm making for FutureBaby! Of course I picked "Butterflies" to do first because it looked the simplest, but it still went surprisingly fast (just a little over two weeks). And I'd forgotten how addictive crafts can be—look! My fingers producing tangible colorful designs right before my very eyes!

(The finished version is even cuter than that picture, which is a little over-exposed or something, if I do say so myself.)

Now I will let it rest for a couple of days while I, err, hurry up and finish kicking a recalcitrant brief into submission, then I'll look for visible errors, wash it, press it, and tuck it away to be framed once I'm done with the other two. At this rate I may even be able to do that dragon alphabet—have to see how my energy holds up, but really, cross-stitch is great for when I don't feel like I have the brain cells to read or write . . .

I am so ridiculously excited about this.

While I'm posting, have a mixed-bag links dump, because they've been accumulating:

baker's dozen of links )

ETA: one more link: pregnancy mug shots. (ETA 2: pre-emptive comment: I am wicked tired of people discussing the size of my stomach, so please just assume I've heard it if you're moved to say something in that vein.)

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Finally, a bunch of birds.

14 pictures )

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An extreme miscellany this time: tigers, lemurs, Amazonia exhibit, wolves, and a beaver.

15 pictures )

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Orangutans and the reptile and amphibian house.

19 pictures )

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Some big mammals, and a bunch from the small mammal house.

23 pictures )

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I, uh, kinda went crazy with pictures at the National Zoo earlier in the month. I've whittled them down to 92, and you can see them all in this gallery, or behind this cut and those in subsequent posts.

Here we have giant pandas, Asian small-clawed otters, some big cats, and some other random other things. As usual, click through for big versions.

Note: indoor pictures were taken without flash, so are sometimes dark. Sorry.

20 pictures )

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