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Thanks to Diana Pho (Ay-leen the Peacemaker), who provided the raw audio file, and the permission of my fellow panelists, I can share with you a recording of our Mary Sue panel at WisCon:

Is Every Kickass Female Character a Mary Sue?
Kate Nepveu (m), Becky Allen, S. N. Arly, Jessica Plummer, Beth Plutchak

Anyone who has even a small kernel of knowledge about fan fiction is probably more familiar with the Mary Sue archetype than they would like. Mary Sues (and their male equivalent Gary Stu) are characters inserted into a fictional world that are obviously stand-ins for the author her- or himself. They're often near perfect, loved by everyone, and the center of attention in both fan works and published or broadcast media. However, a recent trend to label every standout female character with this label as a pejorative has both fans and professional writers annoyed. What makes a Mary Sue? And even if she rears her head, does that necessarily mean the character isn't a good one?

You can download the zipped MP3 file (49 MB) or stream it behind the cut:

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(One panelist's Sekrit Fannish Identity has been redacted at their request. I have to say that listening to the file was pretty humbling for me, as I was exceptionally non-articulate during this panel, but at least I managed to direct traffic and not get in the way of the other panelists too much.)
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Home! Have a panel report I wrote on the plane. One more to come, the not another race panel, but that won't be until Wednesday or Thursday. Meanwhile, please stop by the obligatory WisCon connections post if you would like to say hi in a screened-comments context?

The description of this was a repeat of an Arisia panel, but it went completely different places and that was wonderful. Plus it was packed, it was in Assembly (the one on the first floor at the end of the hall, where the dance party is) and there were people sitting on the floor, I was so excited (and a little daunted).

Anyway, it was another great panel, thank you to my co-panelists and everyone who came. Spoilers for _Iron Man 3_ and _Star Trek Into Darkness_ below; I will do nested cut tags for those of you expanding cuts on DW.

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Finally, this will amuse some of you: Jess Plummer, who was also on the Mary Sue panel with me, had previously tweeted this which one of my friends had retweeted:

And indeed, we had a "How great is Joan?!" moment. Yay, Joan. => (Someone after the panel said we should do a compare-and-contrast of _Sherlock_ and _Elementary_. The vehement "no!"s I got at lunch today when I mentioned this were pretty amusing.)
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This was absolutely the panel I hoped it would be. We talked about so many things and I at least had a great time; other people seemed to be too, so yay, I was really happy, thank you to the awesome co-panelists and audience.

Quick links for people who were at the panel:

The amazing dwarf gender story:

Modern Love (2906 words) by Penknife
Chapters: 1/1
Fandom: Discworld
Rating: Teen And Up Audiences
Warnings: No Archive Warnings Apply
Relationships: Original Character/Original Character
Characters: Original Characters, Angua
Additional Tags: Community: lgbtfest, Gender Issues, Queer Themes, Transgender, Podfic Available
Summary: It's amazing how the world rarely gets less complicated.

analysis of gender performance in Monstrous Regiment

person re-reading Discworld with lots of great discussion in posts and comments: [personal profile] skygiants

Assume spoilers for all of Discworld below the cut.

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This was a great panel and I learned a lot. Feel free to ask for clarifications and I will try to the best of my ability.


How does centralized planning divide our cities along lines of race and class? Subsidized housing, elevated freeways, new condos, zoning regulations: Who decides where these are placed, and for what purposes? From Tyrion Lannister scouring King's Landing during war to Ariane Emory programming the populations of Cyteen and Gehenna, these issues affect our fictional worlds too. Let's talk about how power and urban planning interact.

Vylar Kaftan
s.e. smith
Michelle Kendall ("Mikki") (m)
Jamie Nesbitt Golden (thewayoftheid)
Michael J. "Orange Mike" Lowrey

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Last panel report for tonight, what was I thinking, I was going to SLEEP or read or do necessary work, arrgh.


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I don't have much to say about the Mary Sue panel. My co-panelists (Becky Allen, S. N. Arly, Jessica Plummer, Beth Plutchak) were all great, the audience was very enthusiastic, and we had a great time talking about Mary Sues we have loved and that were important to us and decrying the specific bad messages sent by Mary Sue hating to young girls and the general bad messages sent by sexism to everyone. It was a lot of fun and anyone who was there (or not!) and had something they particularly wanted to preserve for posterity should absolutely feel free to comment. (The text of my talk about Mary Sue, which I tried really hard to keep from just repeating verbatim, is over here.)
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Less-quick-than-optimal panel notes. I thought this went pretty well, especially for 9pm at night (yesterday), bringing up some good questions and considerations.

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If we have met at WisCon (or didn't talk but encountered each other via panel or suchlike), please feel free to say hi! Especially if I may not connect up journal handle with face/badge/etc.--comments are screened (and DW lets us talk without unscreening).
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Panel notes! It's easier to tidy up reports of other people than recreate my own, so this one comes first.

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Made it to WisCon, about three hours behind schedule, which during the uncertainty and running around gave me lots of existential angst about whether it's really worth it to travel on Memorial Day weekend, especially when I can't leave on Thursday, but dinner helped. Now putting my feet up before my 9:00 panel and the parties.

Come buy a Con or Bust T-shirt at the Aqueduct table in the dealer's room tomorrow!

here we go

Friday, May 24th, 2013 09:00 am
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Flights all pushed back and kids all up ridiculously early, but off to airport now. Supposed to get in around 4:00 local. Honestly I have a bad feeling about this but I'm trying not to stress, there's nothing to be done, and even my 9:00 panel tonight would survive without me because I'm not moderating. If only I can grab a catnap on a plane I'll be okay, I think.

WisCon! This weekend!

Tuesday, May 21st, 2013 08:52 pm
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Somehow WisCon is this weekend. Who approved that?


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I am scheduled to get in around 2:30 Friday and to leave around 2:30 Monday (edited to fix times). I will be in the dealer's room some of the time—Con or Bust T-shirts!—and at the Carl Brandon Society party Friday night, assuming travel permits, plus the previously-mentioned panels. I have zero social plans right now, and am totally open to actual plans with people!

(Also I may be hiding in my room doing work, because I have two oral arguments next week. But hopefully not for too long.)

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I just mailed the Con or Bust T-shirts to the Wiscon hotel (V-neck fitted shirts, back in stock, look for them at the Aqueduct table in the dealers' room!), but somehow I managed to forget just how small the Priority flat-rate boxes are, so my clever plan to prepay my postage for the leftover shirts and have the hotel ship them is foiled.

Are any of you local to Madison or going to be staying at Wiscon until Tuesday for some reason? If so, would you be willing to ship (at most) 2 boxes, about a foot cubed in size, to me? Con or Bust will reimburse you the postage, of course.

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Behind the cut. This is exciting!

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