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I was going to write something about the kids taking up skiing, but Chad beat me to it. (I am too uncoordinated to take up an activity that involves strapping sticks to my feet and, more importantly, too old to do something that involves falling down a lot. The Pip can fall down every five minutes and bounce right back up without complaint, I really really cannot. Even though downhill looks like a lot more fun than cross-country.)

This comic is super-cute and then I laughed so loud at the added caption that I startled the dog.

I don't even go here but it's really nice to see Anthony Rapp as part of this Rent/Star Trek parody? (My ear's not very good but I think maybe some of those high notes at the end were a little challenging? Still. It's adorable and will only feed my current generalized Rent earworm, post-"live" broadcast. (Which I recorded but did not watch when it transpired that it was 90% a dress rehearsal.))

Finally, some years ago I gave up football on the grounds of fuck the NFL, and I have to admit that it's kind of nice to have thereby neatly avoided the question of whether I still wanted to root for the Pats.

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I think the Pats might well have pulled it out in overtime—it was hardly an awesome game but their defense was making plays—but wow, missing the tying field goal from 32 yards out? It almost makes me feel like they don't have any momentum going in because they didn't win, the Ravens lost.

On the other hand, the Ravens lost. And who am I to look a gift trip to the Super Bowl in the mouth?

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Under thirty seconds left in the Super Bowl, Giants up 3, Chad and I on the edge of our seats . . . and the dog is snoring loudly enough to be heard over the TV.

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We've been home from Japan for two weeks, now. I had an absurd amount of work upon my return (some of that is my fault; I should have known better). I also had jet lag by proxy, as it took Chad about a week to readjust. (My body clock seems to still be very flexible, for which I am grateful.) But we're pretty well caught up on sleep and work now and back in the routine.

In the anecdotal evidence file, I seemed to be coming down with a cold on the Monday we got back. I immediately started taking zinc and did not develop a full-blown cold. Perhaps it was just an abrupt reaction to local allergens, not a cold, but regardless, I'm grateful, because I really did not have time to be sick.

Random other things:

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Food in Review:

  • Oatmeal raisin cookies are definitely better with half the cinammon (replaced with an equal amount of ginger), but they still need something more; I'm thinking of increasing the brown sugar (and decreasing the white) and increasing the ginger and vanilla.
  • The baked potato soup tasted a lot less like chicken stock on reheating, so while I still intend to reduce the chicken stock relative to the milk, I won't need to do it as much.
  • We attempted rosti this weekend and last. We'd had a fabulous version in Québec City, all melty creamy cheese-potato goodness with a lovely brown crispy crust, and I tried recreating it with the leftover potatoes from soup. Unfortunately all-purpose potatoes are very definitely not the way to go for this, but Chad's attempt tonight worked a lot better.

    Something like a recipe )

Sports in Review: speak not to me of football. I am strongly contemplating hiding in the bedroom with a book during the Super Bowl.

Work in Review: very hectic, though thankfully moving past the stuff that had me feeling flayed for much of the last two weeks. I was called for jury duty and rescheduled it for next week before things got crazy; I'm not needed on Monday, and I suspect I won't be needed for the rest of the week, which is kind of too bad because I'd like to serve on a jury, but is probably for the best because of the timing.

Health in Review: I have had a remarkable amount of medical stuff lately, all minor things, but it does add up.

Entertainment in Review: I did fit some reading in, and have a couple books to log. Also, I've put Genji on my Palm and got through the next chapter that way; post to come. (Anyone else want the .pdb file, let me know.) And the next episode in the Dresden Files was just on the background and didn't suck.

Weather in Review: it's been really freaking cold, I can't seem to find any satisfactory winter boots, boo hiss winter.

Clearly, I need to go to bed.

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Good things about this week:

  • Go, Pats! It may have been 50% them winning and 50% the Chargers losing, but hey, I'll take it—it was certainly more than I expected.

    Next question: Do the Patriots really have a direct line into Peyton Manning's psyche (or does he think they do)?

  • The Butcher's Bill, by Michael R. Schuyler: a full index of injuries, deaths, births, marriages, prizes, and other such things in Patrick O'Brian's Aubrey-Maturin novels. Free pdf download.
  • Lulu will perfect-bind 286 pages of 8x11 inch paper for $17 (including shipping), instead of the $30 that Kinko wants to coil-bind the same quantity. Granted, this won't help for short-term projects like beta-reading a manuscript (the usual reason I need to print a lot of pages), because Lulu takes longer; but for something like a personal copy of a free reference work? Wonderful, even if it means I have to fiddle with the file to embed its fonts.
  • I read an actual entire novel yesterday.
  • Emmy and I saw a falcon at quite close range on a morning walk here in suburbia.

That would be it.

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No recurrence of last week's illness.

Apparently, what I need to do when I'm stuck on a brief is eat an enormous crepe filled with three cheeses and topped with brown sugar apples and pralined pecans, and then go sit on a hard library chair and write longhand for several hours. Wow, I was productive yesterday.

Meanwhile, the Patriots have looked appallingly flat all game but seem to be starting something early in the fourth quarter, down 17-0. Maybe. And aren't I going to get stuck watching to the bitter end, too. (Broncos; at least last year's Fumble Fairy hasn't reappeared. Yet.)

Maybe I can get a quick writeup of the first disc of Trigun in while I'm waiting.

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Not a good week. Tuesday morning I became suddenly and thoroughly ill. Two ERs, one general practitioner, one allergic reaction to X-ray contrast dye, and two really impressive bruises from failed IVs later, I had not so much a diagnosis as a description: inflammation of the digestive system—maybe because of an infection, maybe because my body just doesn't like me. Maybe it was a one-time thing, maybe it will come back. Who knows? Not, apparently, the medical profession.

It only lasted for 24 hours and I'm feeling fine now; I don't know whether I'm still going to have to have more tests (because if inflammation was causing the symptoms, and I'm not having symptoms, is there any inflammation to be found?), but I'll find out next week when I talk to the GI specialists.

Did you know, by the way, that belladonna is prescribed for stomach cramps? I half think that seeing the name of a poison on the label scared my body into behaving.

Anyway, I was still exhausted for the rest of the week, as well as behind on work, so I skipped [livejournal.com profile] farthingparty, alas. This did mean that I went to the inaugural gala last night for Union College's new president: fancy food and very good fireworks, though I have to say that it would never have occured to me to use Bob Dylan's "Like a Rolling Stone" as background music for a fireworks display. (And while The Who's "Baba O'Riley" was probably part of the company's standard package, all that "teenage wasteland" stuff was a bit unfortunate for a college event.)

Today, some work and lots of football. The Giants scored 17 points in the fourth quarter to send the game to overtime and then beat the Eagles on an improbable-looking Eli Manning 31-yard TD pass. The Patriots let the Jets score 17 unanswered points at the end of the game and had a field goal blocked with about a minute to go, but the Jets had no timeouts and Chad Pennington's Hail Mary attempt was intercepted by Tedy Bruschi, letting the Pats escape 24-17. The Giants looked awful early, the Patriots looked dubious late, but we'll take the wins regardless.

Reminder: take the Blogger SAT challenge before 11:59 ET on September 20 and see how you'd fare on the new SAT essay format. I just took it, and I'm going to concur with everyone who said it was harder than they expected—I am not at all sure I made the time limit, and what I did write was pretty lame. Go on, see if you can do better than someone who writes for a living!

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In which Kate resorts to bullet points, because she's suddenly very tired:

  • Got a temporary crown placed over a molar Thursday. Wow but that impression-taking goop is vile. My jaw still hasn't forgiven me for letting it be held wide open for an hour. The crown came loose yesterday morning (nightguard now doesn't fit by this much: ><); I'll have to squeeze out some time this week to have that looked at.
  • My stomach is much better, though, except when I abuse it with dental work or going-away cake or eating too much good Indian food. Mmmmm, masala dosai bigger than my torso.
  • Ascended my first NetHack character since January 2005 (I just haven't been playing):
    Esme the Necromancer      St:18/94 Dx:23 Co:18 In:22 Wi:22 Ch:18  Neutral
    Astral Plane $:0  HP:670(676) Pw:324(579) AC:-46 Exp:25 T:108692

    No genocide, no polyself, lots of pets (though none survived but the Astral Plane Angel and a lone gremlin), otherwise a pretty typical Wizard ascension.

  • Football season! Patriots weren't on TV here, but judging by the online play-by-play and the subsequent stories, they started ugly but came back well. 19-17 over the Bills on a sack for a safety.
  • Art show yesterday in the Stockade, a historic area of Schenectady. Surprisingly extensive and with some interesting stuff, though nothing I liked enough to buy and find space for. Also discovered a new places that serves crêpes that we'll have to try sometime.

Busy week coming up: Wednesday-Thursday to Rochester for work; Friday-Sunday to Montreal for the Farthing party. Which means, among other things, that I have to read the final version of Farthing (duh) and think some more about the program item I'm on ("The Undefended Borders of SF. SF and fantasy have a clear border, one bristling with ray-guns and mind-shields, but there are other ways of sneaking up on the space between them. A discussion of some of the books and stories that do this."). After I get some sleep.

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Chad (who, as I may have mentioned, is both a better and more adventurous cook than I) decided to do a higher class of Super Bowl munchies tonight, and picked some appetizers out of Mark Bittman's The Best Recipes in the World. They were all damn good, so let me share them with you:

Suppli, almond meatballs, and queso frito )

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Two weeks ago, we went to Massachusetts to have lunch with [livejournal.com profile] prince_corwin and [livejournal.com profile] prince_eric (and also [livejournal.com profile] prince_eric's child; I'd provide a suitable nickname except I can't remember if Eric of Amber had any children and can't be bothered to look. Anyway, really frighteningly cute child.). On the way back, Chad was bopped over the head by the Cold Fairy; his cold lasted about a week, mine started in very slow gear about the time his ended, and this weekend decided to really settle in (after quietly sapping my energy for a week, thank you so much). I've done a first draft of our federal taxes and some laundry, and that's about as productive as I can be today, so I might as well do a quick recap of the last four weeks before I need to take the next dose of cold pills.

Work: I've been at the new job for two weeks, and so far it's going very well. Quieter than it will usually be (I'm mostly waiting for other people to do things that will start my deadlines running), but I'm certainly keeping busy, and the relatively slow start is a luxury.

Football: yeah, I shouldn't have blocked off the Saturday night to watch the game, because I was (and still am) a bitter, bitter woman over the Bizarro Patriots, together with their close friend the Fumble Fairy, showing up in Denver. However, the next day I took great joy in listening to the last few minutes of the Steelers beating the Colts, and I'll be pleased to root for them tonight.

Books and tech: with the use of a USB number pad, I spent a couple of hours last Saturday typing in ISBNs for LibraryThing's consumption. The service is going through some growing pains, but I'm generally happy with it; when I've got everything in, I'll turn it public and point y'all to it.

Finally, we watched the March of the Penguins DVD, and in particular the "Of Penguins and Men" extra. Which is 53 minutes long (a sizable fraction of the movie itself) and mostly consists of repeat footage and sappy raptures about the penguins. So, as a public service, here's everything that's new or notable in 'Of Penguins and Men': )

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From The Onion:

There will soon come a time when your happiness depends on where and whether an enormous man catches a ball.

(This Saturday, in fact. Go Pats!)

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This week's discovery: when a car has both an instrument/gauge display and an LCD screen, its "take the car to the dealer immediately" warning lights are particularly startling. (The car is driveable, just needs a part replaced.)

Actually, now that I think about it, there was another discovery this week: though I was hired three years and five people ago, I am still the youngest one in my bureau. I was sure that the newest person, who also came to the bureau straight out of law school, was younger, but was proven wrong at a birthday lunch this week. I'm not entirely sure why this befuddled me as much as it did; I think it was just fatigue.

I will be moving to my new job in two weeks—where I will probably still be the youngest, but at least I won't be surprised about it. Chad and I went to the new office's holiday party last night, and it was pleasant to meet co-workers in a social setting first. For instance, it would probably have been more difficult to discover several sf readers in an office setting, but when there are book shelves right there to be discussed . . . Being me, I am already plotting recommendations and further discussions [*]. (Hey, [livejournal.com profile] scalzi, we met someone who'd given your books to their child.)

[*] Note to self: come up with a bullet-point explanation for why you hate the ending of the Dark Tower series and memorize it, because otherwise it still reduces you to incoherent spluttering, which is not particularly helpful.

As nice as all the recent socializing has been, however, I have scheduled a socialization-free night for next Saturday, because the Patriots are in the second round of the playoffs and I am determined to see it. Missed last night's game, missed Doug Flutie drop-kicking an extra point last week because the game wasn't on TV here (the Pats have now had a kicker throw for a touchdown and a quarterback kick for a point in the last two years, which is just cool), and don't want to miss any more.

Now that I have a Palm, I am seriously contemplating creating a database of all our books for shopping purposes (Chad bought a duplicate Hiaasen at the used bookstore this weekend). I was thinking just a simple flat database (using Pilot DB and DB-Editor) with fields for author, title, "owned" (a boolean), and notes (series #, priority, etc.), but if anyone has feedback from experience, it would be welcome.

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My car went in the shop for two days this week (replace all the tires, repair a mis-aligned headlight), and I rented a car from the dealership. On the phone, they told me that they'd give me a Corolla, which was fine since my car is a 2003 Prius, in other words small, and a big car would be awkward.

Instead of a Corolla, they gave me . . . a Scion xB. I think the xB stands for "extra boxy." It looks like someone took a minivan and smushed it down with a rectangular compressor. An unspeakably dorky car—and I swear its dorkiness is an idiot magnet, since people tried to accelerate past me in lanes that were ending in ten feet, stepped out in front of me while I had the green light, all kinds of moronic behavior. (It was extremely sluggish accelerating up to highway speeds, between about 40 and 50 mph, but those weren't the times when people were acting like idiots around me.)

I was very glad to get my cute little car back.

This weekend we did Christmas at my parents' house, driving out Friday night. Saturday morning we saw Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire, and in the afternoon and evening I cooked two meat pies and a batch of baked mac & cheese, while listening to football on the living room TV. A good football day, as the Pats shut out the Buccaneers (who are good, unlike the Bills—but I still don't want to hear people talk about them as Super Bowl contenders) and the Giants beat the Chiefs with a record-setting performance from Tiki Barber. The movie was fine, given what it had to work with, and I do think the kids' acting has improved still more; but Hermione's dress was weird, Cedric had really big eyebrows (is this a British notion of attractiveness? Harry has the same thing going), and the ending could have stood thirty seconds' more exposition. The third is probably going to remain the best for the fresh quirky visuals and tight story.

Today my dad's side of the family came down, which was good because it's been a while since I've seen them for a holiday (and it's been years since I saw my step-cousin S.). My baby first-cousin-once-removed is very serious looking but was thrilled by the gift of a "Sit and Spin" toy, so that was very cute. And my parents' dog Truman did his usual crowd-pleasing performance of shredding wrapping paper as people opened their gifts. Then we sleepily drove off, made it safe home to our happy dog (who has already put a hole in the super-tough toy that my parents got her), and got stuff put away. It's going to be another long week at work, I'm afraid, but I'll try to get some Genji in, finish that monster Rent post, and so forth.

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Last weekend, I got most of my Christmas shopping done and saw Rent (ridiculously long post on that forthcoming). (We still have to see the new Harry Potter movie, The Lion, the Witch, and the Wardrobe, and so forth, but I figured that they'd be in theaters a lot longer than Rent.) I finished the rest of my shopping today, then went into work and cleared up a bunch of stuff while checking the Patriots-Bills score online (go, Pats, even if the Bills aren't very good).

Yesterday, we went to our first event of the season, a Physics Department party. That was fun, and started and ended early, so we got home in time to decorate the tree we'd bought earlier in the day. It looks lovely, even if Chad was disappointed by my refusal to follow his family tradition of examining every tree in the lot minutely and agonizing over them (actually, it occurs to me that they treat trees the way I treat, say, shoes, or suits). I was minorly disappointed that all the baked mac & cheese we brought got eaten—I'd been hoping for leftovers—but I am flattered (also, there were a lot of kids there, and it's a very safe food for them. Have to remember that for the future.).

In household news, our roof has been fixed. Actually it was mostly fixed before we even noticed—this is what happens when you come home in the dark, you don't see the new roof until the next morning. We'll have to get the plaster in the entryway repaired too, but that can wait until after the holidays.

I also made peposa in the crockpot last week, a good winter dish; the recipe and notes follow. peppery beef stew )

In DVDs, we watched the first two discs of Samurai Champloo. Surprisingly, I'm enjoying this a lot; I had basically no expectations, unlike Cowboy Bebop, and so far the tone is more consistent too. It is silly, with just enough seriousness to keep it from floating away; the snark amuses me, and you know I love Jin. (The first disc was somewhat distracting; I don't know if any of the voice actors are actually the same as Cowboy Bebop, but I kept hearing them as such. This passed fairly quickly.)

Oh, and the preview on disc one for the Saiyuki Reload anime was absolutely hilairious. It was just a sequence of character poses, without (I think) a single word of dialogue; I can't imagine that it would sell a single person on it who didn't already know the story. Well, I'd heard the anime was terrible anyway, and that preview certainly didn't make me doubt that opinion.

We're also watching season one of HBO's The Wire, which is well-done but not entirely my kind of thing. However, so far there have been two great scenes that entirely justify the series' existence, the chess explanation from the drug dealer to the pawns low-level flunkies ("the king, he stay the king"), and the working of a cold murder scene conducted solely in variants of "fuck."

Finally, I don't think I actually want an Avenging Unicorn, but the idea really amuses me.

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After working relatively late on Wednesday, we headed to Chad's parents to spend the holiday. (Spreading holiday celebrations over two weekends is hard on the dog, but driving ten hours in one weekend is harder on us.) Had a traditional Thanksgiving dinner with Chad's parents and grandmother; some neighbors came over for dessert later. Spent a while working on the 1500-piece jigsaw Christmas puzzle that gets brought every year out on Thanksgiving, thoroughly kinking my neck in the process—not so smart. (I poked at it a bit from time to time after, with somewhat bad effects on my shoulders at the end, but I couldn't stop then!)

On Friday, Chad and I made the rounds of local bookstores, and to my sadness I discovered that it is, in fact, possible to have too many books. The Book Barn of the Finger Lakes is literally a barn; its upstairs (where the genre fiction is) is very poorly lit and not heated at all, and books are double-shelved, piled on top of each other, and stacked precariously all over the place. I could feel myself developing a fine case of claustrophobia to go with the despair that there might be the One Book I needed somewhere in all that, but it was too cold/dark/crowded for me to find it.

It would probably be a lovely place to visit in the spring or fall, possibly with the addition of a flashlight. (Not really the place to look for bargains, though.)

Acquisitions: Gambit by Rex Stout for [livejournal.com profile] rysmiel, one of Dunnett's mysteries (I have two from the middle, now, and really should read one of them to make sure I like them before I acquire more), and The Cardinal of the Kremlin as urged by booklog commenters.

After lunch, we stopped in at the Fat Cat in Johnson City, which is still a worthy sf store though it's focusing more on gaming and space for gaming (I can't speak to the quality of their comics selection). In a new development, the Fat Cat now has—cats. Acquisition: the second Exordium book, Ruler of Naught, to find a good home for, either as part of a set that I'm collecting or separately (the books are upstairs and I can't be bothered just now to go check whether I already had a spare of it).

Which reminds me—a query to my readers with PDAs: how and why do you use them, and what are the pros and cons? I see that prices for intro-level units are approaching something I'd pay, and depending on the size and weight I might be interested, but I don't know if I'd really update it any more than the paper notebook and calendar I carry around. Thoughts?

Saturday we went sledding (Chad suggested it, and I think from his tone of voice I was expected to vigorously object to the idea). It wasn't great sledding snow, being powdery and not that deep, but we had a lot of fun. Chad's father's dog, a stocky and energetic Lab, had a great time running down the hill just in front of us (well, Chad did run into him once). Pictures, about 200KB each: Kate and dog, Chad and dog.

Today we left in the morning after Chad helped his dad hang a door. Came home to a happy, well-cared-for Emmy (relieving the non-rational part of my brain, as one of my many anxiety dreams this weekend consisted of the dog sitter not coming all weekend), and now I'm watching the Patriots game (down 16-3 to the Chiefs, it's not looking so good) while Chad dozes on the couch. After the game I'll take the dog for a walk and then go restock on groceries, do laundry, all that fun kind of stuff.

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Long week; work was very busy, Chad had a couple of late nights, and I was generally too brain-fried by the time I got home, dealt with the dog, etc., to do anything but mindless things like making LJ icons or watching TV (or falling asleep on the couch when I meant to watch TV). One night it was at least a pleasant brain-fry, stopping briefly by a Happy Hour to celebrate a new co-worker's passing the bar exam, but still.

This weekend we drove out to see my parents for an early Thanksgiving. Went out for dinner Saturday night (and got carded over a glass of wine), watched Mom's videos from Scotland and Romania this summer, and generally had a nice low-key time. On the way back today we listened to football; the Patriots thoughtfully sounded very good while I was listening, and saved the tense bits until after we lost reception. They did win; can't say it was for Bill Belichick's dad Steve, who died at the age of 86 last night, since the team wasn't told until after the game, but it's a good thing all the same. The Giants also won, so a good football day.

And how did it get to be almost Thanksgiving already? Ack.

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I've been really slacking on these. The first week, I can understand why: I'd visited my parents and Mom's friend B. from Scotland that weekend, and then stayed up late watching the Patriots just beat the Bills in Tedy Bruschi's return. I didn't have a particularly good reason the second week, though, just general blah-ness. But that's why I'm starting this earlier than usual, so it does get done today.


  • Aggressively medicating the early stage of my seasonal cold with decongestants did successfully prevent the late stage from manifesting. Since the late stage is a nasty, full-body gagging cough, this is a good thing; I just wish that decongestants didn't do such bad things to my brain, and that the whole experience didn't leave me so tired.
  • The dog was back at the vet's again for an ear infection (yeast); the ear wash stuff reeks, but it and the subsequent medication are working.
  • After the end of Daylight Savings time, I've been driving home in the dark and getting really carsick from other cars' headlights. This is deeply annoying. It seems to be helped by moving my side mirror so that it doesn't shine the headlights of cars behind me directly into my eyes, though this naturally has its own risks.

Stupid tricks with keys:

  • I wasted an hour when I forgot the keys to my parents' place when I left here and had to go back and get them. And then, of course, I didn't need them once.
  • I managed to lock myself out of my car, in the parking lot before work, when my car keys slipped out of my coat pocket without my noticing. I will never hit the power locks without my keys in my hand again. (I called AAA after I got back from court that morning, and the locksmith they sent had it open within seconds.)


  • Mom's friend B. smuggled haggis and white pudding, wrapped up in literally yards of cling wrap, in from Scotland, and we had some at our early Thanksgiving dinner. The white pudding (oatmeal and onion stuffing) wasn't really to my taste; the haggis basically tasted like the filling in meat pie. Mom and B. also made a cloutie dumpling, except substituting shortening for the shredded suet (since every American's reaction to "suet" was, "the stuff you put out for the birds?!"). It was tasty but very dense ("dumpling" is a misleading term) and a little drier than it should've been because of the substitution.
  • Made tourtiére with about 1/2 cup of mashed potatoes substituted for 1/4 pound of meat in this recipe. I'd never made mashed potatoes before, and as potatoes, they were not successful, but lumpiness is good for meat pie since when you mix it all together, the non-lumps basically vanish immediately anyway. The starch might help it act more like a pie as leftovers, but otherwise it tastes the same, so unless I make a bunch of pies, I probably won't bother in the future.

    (I also added a little more allspice, and cooked it at a slightly lower simmer, at about medium heat, so that I had liquid to ladle into the pie. I also used 1/4 pound of beef with 1 pound of ground pork.)

  • This Wednesday, I got in and sent an e-mail around the office, saying that it seemed like people were having bad days and I'd just re-stocked my vase of Ghirardelli chocolate squares. I think we went through about a bag and a half that day.

(I managed to make it through emergency week duty with just one minor thing, but other aspects of work were busy enough that I was very relieved to take Veterans' Day completely off for absolute frivolity.)

In household news, we arranged for repairs on the leaky roof. We also suddenly, and without any action on our part, starting getting double or triple our previous download speeds (or, in other words, something like the advertised rates). Hey, I'll take it.

In entertainment news, other than what's already been logged, this Monday we went to a performance of Japanese drumming by the Kenny Endo Taiko Ensemble at Union. This was very cool, even though the biggest drum resonated in my skull in a slightly unpleasant way. I liked the "Tatsumaki" (tr. "Whirlwind" or "Tornado") best; it was highly dynamic and also fun to watch, as the drummers raised their arms high before striking, jumped to switch between sides of their drums, and so forth. Unfortunately it wasn't on any of the CDs they had for sale, because apparently it is to be watched rather than just listened to.

I also was in the same room for some Hellsing episodes, including the flashback episode with Sir Integra and Alucard and the ending. Great music, visually stylish, interesting relationship between those two, but not particularly interested in watching more (which is handy since Chad's returning the DVDs to the student who lent them). (The opening credits are briefly disorienting, because when we see the back of the white glove with symbols on it, I except to see the gloved hand snap and fire appear.)

And while I was writing, the Pats appear to have squeaked out a win over the Dolphins (I watched most of their loss to the Colts, but this game wasn't on TV here). And the Giants tied it very late but couldn't stop the Vikings from getting a field goal, so they lost.

Link dump:

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I was just about to go to bed, and then the Patriots scored. Down 13 with about 10 minutes to go, how can I go to bed now?

Been muttering under my breath at the TV, haven't had the energy or concentration to write anything (two weeks in review, last three episodes of Cowboy Bebop, Chad's useful insight as to why I don't like noir, many booklog posts) during commercial breaks; instead, have some Sandman icons. More probably to come, but requests welcomed.

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Well, the big news is that I've got a new job: I'm going to be moving to our Division of Appeals & Opinions (to do appeals rather than opinions, except on occasion). This was official just this Monday, so my start date is still being worked out by people above my pay grade. I expect that the types of cases and the workload will be similar, but with a smoother pace. It'll be basically research and writing, with the occasional oral argument thrown in—which is not so very different from my work now, and while I'll miss some aspects of litigation, the parts I won't miss ought to more than make up for that.

In health and beauty news:

  • I spent an entire day with one contact lens inside-out. Didn't sting, didn't feel like the world was curling up in my peripheral vision, just made me feel like my eyes were bugging out, as though I'd spent twenty hours straight in front of the computer screen.
  • According to my dentist, regular flossing has gotten my gums to stop bleeding when you look cross-eyed at them, which is good. However, it never ends: now I find that I've been brushing my teeth too hard and causing my gums to shrink back, which means exposing the root, which means ow.
  • My seasonal cold began Wednesday. I am aggressively medicating the current symptoms (nasal congestion, sore throat) in hopes of easing the later ones (hacking gagging cough), but decongestants make me feel dopey, twitchy, and like the inside of my head is echoing. This is not really conducive to productivity.
  • ETA: Oh, and I finally was successful at giving platelets, last Saturday. Go me.

In travel/fandom news, we've registered for Boskone (note to self: still need to book a hotel room). And we've decided to go to the 2007 Worldcon in Japan, and do about a week or so of sight-seeing before the con; Chad's been wanting to go back and says, not inaccurately, that this is the only way he'll get me to go. Who else is going?

In movie news, the Wallace & Gromit movie is very silly and funny and cute, but trailers before G-rated movies are truly painful.

In weather news, we turned on the central heating today; it's been raining far too much; and it reportedly snowed a bit this morning. The dog disapproves, because the rain means the squirrels (otherwise extremely active at this time of year) go into hiding, and also because she hates having her paws wiped off.

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