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I have another three three-month subscriptions to the Shatner Chatner to give away; comment here WITH YOUR EMAIL ADDRESS -- comments are screened -- and if I have more than three by Wednesday night, I'll ask the RNG.

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I have three three-month gift subscriptions to Daniel Ortberg's newsletter to give away. Comment if you'd like one by, say, Friday night; I'll do RNG if necessary as usual.
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I just discovered upstairs a Moto G, running Android 5.1 and last security patched on 2016-03-01 with no current updates available. It has a lofty 8GB of space (5.5 user-accessible) and a tiny screen. It's also Verizon-locked, though because of its age, I don't think you would want to connect it to a cell network for anything more than pay-as-you-go backup texts. But, low-res games on home wifi, backup ebook reader, that kind of thing, maybe: if you want it, it's yours. Comment here by, oh, Tuesday night, you know the drill.
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I am disposing of [*] my beloved iPod classic, 160GB 7th generation, because its battery life has become unsurprisingly poor [**] and it glitched out a couple of times recently use, randomly restarting. It's from fall 2009, it's a spinny disk, and it's almost exclusively been used in my car on a charger, so none of this is a surprise. (Also the screen has some smudges where something damaged one of the lower layers.)

If you'd like it despite all these flaws, let me know; it's little, I'll ship anywhere. If you're moved to donate to Con or Bust in thanks, please feel free (or just check out that link for matching information this coming Tuesday!).

Comment here; if more than one person is interested, I will ask the RNG on, oh, Monday night. I'm screening anon comments so that if you don't have a DW login, you can leave an email address.

[*] I got a new one that had its guts replaced by an eBay seller, new battery and an SD card instead of a spinny disk.

[**] That said, it will still go several hours if you don't use the screen basically at all.
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This Kindle Fire; I used it for watching video and reading comics and it did ok with the first but tended to stutter on the second and was just generally not a very responsive machine, which I guess is what I get for paying fifty bucks for it on sale. Anyway, free if you want it, let's say Saturday night, leave a comment or—if you don't have a DW account, leave your email in a screened comment—and if I get more than one request, I'll ask the RNG.

Edit: claimed!
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I have two 7" Samsung tablets (these) available, free to one or more good homes. Rather beat-up cases, chargers, USB cables included (and they seem to need these particular chargers); micro SD cards not. They only have 8 GB internal memory, and about half of that is taken by system files; you can move apps to the SD card but it's kind of a pain, you have to re-do it every time they update (and not all apps can be moved). That said, they do work — the Pip's was giving me problems where it claimed not to have any space, but factory-resetting it seems to have made that go away — and, you know, free.

Comment if you want one or both (specify). If more requests come in than tablets by Sunday night, I will do the random number thing. I will ship anywhere. If you are moved to donate to Con or Bust in return, great, but I won't ask.

I will screen comments from non-DW users so that you can leave an email address. Otherwise, DW users, I will just comment back to you.
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I have a paper ARC of the last Temeraire book, League of Dragons, that I don't need (the nice people at Tor.com sent it to me, but then they got me access to an eARC, so I don't need both). This comes out in about six weeks.

Want it? Post a comment WITH YOUR U.S. MAILING ADDRESS and EMAIL ADDRESS (all comments are screened) in the next twenty-four hours and I'll mail it out tomorrow to someone selected by random number generator. (U.S. only to be safe, because it says that rights have been sold many places and I don't want to get anyone in trouble.)

Don't resell, don't be a jerk, only comment if you actually want to read. Thanks!
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I realize they're mildly obsolete, but they're also free, so just in case: I have two (edit:) 9" portable DVD players that the kids no longer use. They've got straps on the back so you can mount them on the back of car headrests, and power adapters for cars & walls (no batteries). (Edit: oops, I only have one car power adapter between the two of them, somehow, but it's a standard type. Full specs.) Carrying cases included!

I'll ship free within the US. Comment by, oh, Thursday 8 a.m. EST, and in the unlikely event that more than two people want one, I'll draw random numbers.
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I have finished a stitching project! And now I need something to do with it.

It is a pattern of interlocking knotwork in four variegated autumn-ish colors (tan, pink, red, and green). It's designed to be a bookmark, and I could finish it that way by stitching around the edges with thread the same color as the fabric and, optionally, leaving a fringe around some/all of the sides (an example is behind the cut). However, it might be a little big for a bookmark, as the stitched area is about 2" x 8". (I would not put a backing on it, as that would make it quite thick, so finishing it as a bookmark means the back side of the stitches will be visible. They are very tidy, but I'm happy to take a picture to prove it.) It could also be framed, in which case I would leave it as-is.

I will ship anywhere in the world, free. If you're moved to donate to Con or Bust in thanks, that would be great, but it is 100% optional. In the unlikely event that more than one person has asked for it by the end of the week, I will pick a random number. So if you like it, don't be shy! I would like it to find a home with someone who appreciates it. (I'm not keeping it because I don't need a bookmark or something to hang on a wall.)

A picture: )

(I have just written a bunch of stitching neep and then changed my mind and saved it to a file; probably I'll post to [livejournal.com profile] cross_stitch once I have pictures of its definite final state and post a link here.)
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I got an ARC of P.C. and Kristin Cast's Chosen through LibraryThing's early reviewers program. However, it turns out to be the third novel in a first-person YA vampire series, and I am so very much not the reader for it. Anyone want? Leave a comment, and in 24 hours I'll pick someone at random.

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Picked up a spare copy of John M. Ford's The Final Reflection at the library bag sale today. Comment if you want; I'll close comments in 48 hours and pick someone at random (just to be different from first-come, first-served.)

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For renewing a magazine subscription, I got a free CD audiobook of The Hunt for Red October (unabridged, 13 discs). I don't like the narrator (J. Charles); does anyone want it? First come first serve, leave a comment.

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