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I went with Practicality on [personal profile] jesse_the_k's suggestion; technically the theme is "Calculated Risks" but I changed all the colors and a lot of the decorations so I'm not sure it counts as the same theme any more.

Here's the custom CSS, which is largely ditching a lot of small-caps and extra lines, and making it more boring color-wise. (Edit) Though, if anyone wants to fiddle, there's a thing that's been commented in the code.


Thanks for the feedback, all!
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I cannot figure out how to navigate the DW style chooser thing at all.

Is there an out-of-the-box DW style that has comment pages with bigger usernames on the comments listing than Tropospherical? Or, are you using an out-of-the-box style, and does it play nice on small screens? If so, which one?

(This is part of my project of trying to be on DW more.)
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Please comment with which one you've taken so other people don't try it.

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Springing off a discussion in [site community profile] dw_suggestions, what do you like to see in people's DW/LJ profiles/blog about-boxes/whatever? What are interesting things you've seen people communicate in those spaces? What was really important to you to put in yours? Or if you don't use that kind of thing, do you use anything else instead?

As I said over there, I spent a ridiculous amount of time on my own recent profile revamp (feedback welcome!); I find this sort of thing intrinsically fascinating.

* * *


Two actual pregnancy-related FAQs, with my usual answers:

Q: How are you feeling?
A: Busy.

Q: What are you having? / Do you know what you're having?
A: A baby.

Preferred, though less frequent, questions:

Q: How are you? / How's it going? / How are things?
A: Busy. (In all likelihood. But at least I won't feel like I've been reduced to my reproductive capacity by the entirely well-meaning, yet cumulatively frustrating, replacement of "how are you" as the default acknowledgment-of-existence to me.)

Q: Do you know / are you going to find out the sex?
A: It's going to be a surprise.

Readercon post tomorrow, I hope.

five things

Friday, June 3rd, 2011 10:27 pm
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First: I have finally updated the bios on my LJ & DW profile pages for clarity and to provide additional information. (Did you know that SteelyKid's nickname does not derive from the alloy? Or how to pronounce my last name?)

Second: [personal profile] rushthatspeaks has another great review as part of a 365 days project (reading and reviewing one new book a day for a year):

The best way to describe the reading experience I had with this book [The Singing Creek Where The Willows Grow, by Opal Whiteley, ed. Benjamin Hoff] is to say that it resembled what might happen to a perfectly innocent person who does not know much about history while looking up newspaper headlines from 1880s London. Which is to say, there you are researching away, doing nothing particularly ominous, and suddenly all of the scholarship on Jack the Ripper lurches out of its cabinet and starts gnawing on your leg. Up becomes down, dogs and cats start living together, the definitive works on the subject are written by people who do not have a personal interest so much as a personal ideological obsession, and otherwise perfectly rational researchers start yelling at one another "WHAT PART OF PH'NGLUI MGLW'NAFH WGAH'NAGHL CTHULHU FHTAGN DO YOU NOT UNDERSTAND?"

The gravitational pull of the thing is clear just from the review. So read, but cautiously.

Third: [personal profile] oyceter has extremely interesting things say springing from a WisCon panel on indigenous American fantasy.

Fourth: Via my reading list, I found what purports to be a list of 111 Male Characters Of British Literature, In Order Of Bangability. Actually first I found discussion of the list, in which people boggled, in this chronological order, at the inclusion of Kubla Khan, St. John Rivers from Jane Eyre, Othello, and Aslan. (Because if someone who loves God more than women and someone who murdered his wife weren't bangable enough, then a Jesus-lion should really do it!)

At which point I looked at the list for myself and rapidly decided that it could not have been conceived in any seriousness. It's in descending order, so I skipped to the bottom and worked up. As I said there, while I approve of Michael Cantrip in the top twenty, no-one has ever in the entire history of the world previously called Tom Bombadil (#21) "bangable" and meant it sexually. Ever. It's just not possible. Aslan at #32 is simply to see how far down people would actually read.

I suspect a random-number algorithm, myself.

Fifth: Tonight on our walk, Chad found SteelyKid two-thirds of a robin's eggshell, which she very carefully held for several blocks while explaining that the bird was going to fly back into the shell, so she had to find a place to put it. Which she did on the second try, and then bid the shell goodbye, told it to be good, and said that it should go to the Egg House. As we walked away, I tried to prepare her for the idea that it might not be there tomorrow by saying that now a bird or a person could come take it. She agreed and added that it also might be taken by a tree or the grass or some dirt or a fire drill (not truck, drill; I think they had one today at daycare).

I have carefully remembered where we put it, and think I may just as carefully misremember tomorrow so I can tell her that someone/thing did take it and head off the possible trauma of seeing it smashed.

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If you have comments enabled at LJ, please go to your settings and tick the box that says "Display Crosspost Link." This will put a link to your LJ crosspost directly in your DW post, allowing me to more easily read what other people are saying over at LJ. Thank you very much.

DW invite codes

Tuesday, April 5th, 2011 06:18 pm
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ETA: I'm sending the rest to [site community profile] dw_codesharing.

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I've been meaning to move all my posting to Dreamwidth for a while, and now is as good a time as any. [*]

You don't need a Dreamwidth account to keep reading and commenting on my posts. Here's the deal:

  1. All my posts will still appear here, cross-posted from Dreamwidth.
  2. All the comments, however, will be at DW, because duplicated and separated conversations annoy me. The posts on LJ will have the number of comments on DW and a direct link to reply.
  3. You can comment at DW in three ways:
    1. Get a DW account. Ask me for an invite code, or check out [site community profile] dw_codesharing.
    2. Use your LJ account through OpenID. Go here and enter "your-username.livejournal.com" in the box. Then you'll be asked to set and confirm an e-mail address (so you can get replies to comments).

      Using OpenID, you can read locked posts, comment, and subscribe to journals. You can even have up to six icons. You just can't post entries.

    3. Comment "anonymously", not logged in; you won't be able to do this on locked posts, though, because if you're not logged in you won't be able to see them.
  4. I've done my best to duplicate the current list of people who can read locked posts from here to DW. If you have a DW account and I've listed your LJ account instead under "Access To" on my profile, do please let me know.

I prefer Dreamwidth because the people running it are much better at listening to what people want and not just dumping out new and ill-advised changes, because it's completely ad-free, and because it has a bunch of cool features (the one I never knew I needed until it happened is inline expansion of cut-tags on the reading page: click the little arrow and there the content is).

I think in sum this ought to make it exactly as easy to read and comment on my DW posts as on LJ. If there are specific things that make it less easy, I want you to tell me (comments on this post will remain open).


[*] LJ now allows you to cross-post comments to FaceBook and Twitter, even if the comment is to a locked post, thereby making it substantially less work to violate someone's privacy, inadvertently or otherwise; and pingbacks now include excerpts from locked posts. You can opt out of sending or receiving pingbacks, but not of having other people cross-post comments from your locked posts.

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LJ is taking any link you have to a non-LJ site, telling a third-party site what that link is when it's hovered over, and then modifying the link so that it has LJ's affiliate code (read: way for it to make money). You can opt-out of this by going to the console and entering "set opt_exclude_stats 1" (without quotes). More details.

You can get Dreamwidth invite codes at [site community profile] dw_codesharing. As soon as a couple of little things are cleaned up there, I am going to make DW my permament journal home (I will cross-post here so you can still keep an eye on what I'm doing). They have many cool site enhancements, no ads, and they stand by their principles.

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If you're looking to move away from LJ, here are some Dreamwidth invite codes. Go:


Dreamwidth has many cooler features than LJ, makes it really really easy to move and continue interacting here, stands up for its principles, and actually communicates with its users. I'm in a hurry or I'd link, but feel free to ask questions in comments.
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If you need one, comment.

Dreamwidth invite codes

Wednesday, June 17th, 2009 10:24 pm
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I have at least two. Tell me a joke and one's yours. (If necessary, in the morning I will ask a random number generator.)

security PSA

Tuesday, May 26th, 2009 08:35 pm
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If, like me, you thought keeping a full backup of your LJ and comments meant you were safe in the event of a hacker or catastrophic system failure . . . well, not really. If entries on your LJ are deleted, you can't automatically recover them: you have to re-post entries by hand [*] from your own backups (you can't get the entries off LJ's servers); and comments are an altogether more complicated question. (You could paste them into the body of a post if you have them backed up with a separate program, like LJArchive. Or if you've imported all your journal into a Dreamwidth account, you could crosspost each existing DW entry to LJ with an auto-generated pointer to the DW entry and its imported comments, which would still suck but would be at least semi-automated; so I recommend importing your LJ into DW as a backup. (You can private-lock all the entries in one fell swoop if you have a paid account.))

[*] Edit: I think if you use LJ-SEC for your backups, you can then bulk repost the entries, but you still won't get comments.

I therefore suggest taking five minutes to:

  1. Check out what e-mail accounts are associated with your LJ and remove any you no longer have control over;
  2. Set a secret question for LJ—I suggest making up your own;
  3. Check the strength of your existing password, and change it if necessary (tips and strength checker);
  4. Back up your LJ (and any communities you maintain); and
  5. Do the same for your e-mail account(s).

Nothing can make you 100% safe, but might as well do what you can.


Tuesday, May 5th, 2009 10:18 pm
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An extremely mixed bag, today:

Of the recent attempts at suppressing discussions of racism that I'm aware of, I think literally and repeatedly ripping down an entire protest display takes the cake. The poison-filled cake of racism, privilege, and oppression, that is. (This was a student protest at the University of Minnesota Twin-Cities Dance Program, ripped down by other students, and the university administration's response was to call the destruction "the changes made by another group of individuals." And . . . nothing else. That would be the icing on this particular cake.)

(Edit: okay, my metaphor got away from me. The protest is actually about pervasive institutional problems, in which context the administration's non-response is more than just icing. But the ripping down (because it will help the discussion! Um, wtf, over?) just infuriates me.)

[livejournal.com profile] sparkymonster has a helpful summary with more. Support the students through their petition, passing the word about the protest, or joining this Facebook group.

* * *

Baby sloth!

* * *

[livejournal.com profile] tool_of_satan has an interesting thought on what gives LotR its quasi-mythic feel in this thread on the non-European epic fantasy post:

This is a complicated question, but I think part of the answer is Tolkien's use of deep time. Things that happened thousands of years ago have direct consequences that the characters need to deal with, and there are people around who were actually alive back then, mixing with the mortals. Furthermore, we (and the hobbits) are told much less than everything about the ancient people and events - the critical bits, of course, and there are allusions to many other things, but one ends up feeling there are many other stories that could be told, which I think helps make the ones that are told feel more real. (I haven't read the Silmarillion or any of the other posthumous volumes, I should note.)

(Underlined emphasis mine.)

For me, I suspect this may be a matter of the golden age being twelve: it's certainly de rigueur these days for epic fantasies to build or at least suggest elaborate historical and mythological backstories for their worlds, and I mostly feel like they're, well, there because they're de rigueur, and I'm not sure the underlined detail of the execution is enough to make the difference. But I'm also not very interested in epic fantasies now, so my reactions might have been different, back in the day.

* * *

There's a reboot of the Fullmetal Alchemist anime and you can watch it free and legally, with official subtitles, at Funimation. (I recommend a downloader like Orbit, because the streaming is very rocky.) I've been watching but don't really have an opinion yet; it's based closely on the manga which I've been reading, so it's familiar enough that I don't know how it'd look to a new person or in comparison to the first anime. Well, okay, the first episode was filler and kinda dumb, but the manga rocks so I have hopes.

* * *

Songs that make me happy lately: "Toe Jam," by the BPA featuring Dizzee Rascal & David Byrne (ETA: YouTube video of version we actually like; NSFW (but rather clever) for happy dancing naked people with black bars over women's breasts & people's pubic areas); and "Say Hey (I Love You)" by Michael Franti and Spearhead (choose song title in sidebar).

* * *

I've also watched the pilot of Leverage and enjoyed it. I am morally certain that it was pitched as "Ocean's Eleven meets Robin Hood," and indeed the wish-fulfillment is blatant, but my love for capers is fierce, and I suspect that these lawless elites aren't going to be violent, which makes it easier for me to take. Note that the aired order is not the intended order; see this blog post from the creator for the proper order ('ware spoilers after that in the post).

* * *

Two Dreamwidth invite codes; comment if you want one; if necessary, will pick at random and ask for e-mail.

(Decided against crossposting (and asking people to comment only there) until a few more wrinkles are ironed out. Am filtering out people here who are fully cross-posting, and have adjusted LJ "friends" list to try and match DW access/subscribe lists. Now going to look for missing subject pronouns. Goodnight, everybody.)

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ETA: gone. More later.

Read more... )

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As kate_nepveu there, too.

If you're on Dreamwidth and want me to know your user ID, leave a comment here—screened.

I did a quicky first pass at adding people based on the few I know have accounts, but I don't have time to do more tonight. Eventually even if you still just have an LJ account you'll be able to treat Dreamwidth more or less like LJ—reading locked posts, leaving comments, etc.—so fear not.

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