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I am experimenting with accumulating a post over the day in an email draft, because I keep putting links in my bullet journal and then never posting them. Possibly this way I will also journal more broadly? Let's see how this goes.

This morning I posted a selfie on Twitter taken at the end of the dog walk demonstrating two of my personal temperature metrics: breath frozen in the tips of my hair (20F) and breath freezing directly onto glasses (-5F). Not pictured were two others, glasses immediately fogging over after stepping inside (32F) and nostrils trying to freeze over (-5F). What are yours?

(Also I think my hair looks cool like that, I admit. You can see my naturally white hairs up above my glasses.)

Caroline Siede's When Romance Met Comedy series continues to be a joy, this time looking at Bride & Prejudice:

Of all of the modern day adaptations of Pride And Prejudice, I’m not sure any have ever more accurately captured the spirit of Mr. Wickham than the way Bride & Prejudice reimagines him as a hot British backpacker with a performative laid-back cultural sensitivity.

Which condiments need to be refrigerated? at The Takeout: I feel very smug that we have all of these correct.

Interesting Twitter thread about using consultations in game design (for, in this case, colonialism, plotting horror mysteries, and trans/NB representation) and how it worked out. This is about Sunless Skies, the Fallen London folks' new PC game, but no spoilers; and the general principles aren't limited to games.

This morning I listened to a podcast about Dürer's Rhinoceros, which reminded me of the Patrick O'Brian bit about exercising a rhinoceros on a ship's deck, which gives me great joy and I hope will do likewise for you.

Finally, a cozier Twitter selfie, of me sitting on the floor with Charlie pupper's head against one hip and the Pip leaning on my other side.

Posting-by-email experience:

  • I thought email posting automatically used Markdown, but apparently that's only replying to comments, because I still had to put "!markdown" (no quotes) just after the post headers.
  • Markdown allows horizontal rules by three+ hyphens/underscores, but DW thinks that's your email sig, so use three+ asterisks instead.
  • Markdown inline links--square bracketed link text followed immediately by parenthetical link address--didn't work for me. (I think it's because DW is using the GMail plain-text version which wraps the lines and therefore appears to have a blank space between the opening parenthesis and the link.) I used reference-style links instead, which worked great: link text in square brackets, followed immediately by reference in square brackets; elsewhere in document, reference in square brackets followed by colon, space, link. More examples.

Despite all that, this first attempt does seem congenial, since I always have email open and the formatting is easy now that I've worked the bugs out. On the other hand, I'm intending to gradually import all my old public posts into a self-hosted WordPress blog (I apparently can only do it a month at at time) and then cross-post, and maybe just saving stuff as draft in WP will be easier. We'll see.

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This is a post for G+ users who are trialing DW in light of G+'s upcoming shutdown.

  • The create-entries beta is much more mobile-friendly. Turn it on here.
    • You can't use rich-text in the create-entries beta; however, you can use Markdown by putting "!markdown" (no quotes) on the first line by itself. In addition to the standard Markdown syntax, you can refer to someone's DW account by putting @ before their username.
  • You can make the reading components of the site more mobile-friendly with [personal profile] solarbird's style.
  • DW splits access--who reads your stuff--and subscriptions--who you read. If you need to go more fine-grained, you can grant partial access through circles and you can trim down your reading through filters.
  • If you want people to plus-one your posts, you can copy-paste this poll code into the end of a post (EDIT: I didn't realize that creating polls is a paid feature, sorry!:
    <poll name='' isanon='no' whovote='all' whoview='all'>
    <poll-question type='radio'>
  • You can post by email (which can also use Markdown); turn it on and then check out the details.
  • If you're writing from someplace that does bookmarklets, here's one for signal-boosting DW posts within DW.
  • DW does host images, but the quota's so low that it's not really useful at this point.

Let me know if you have questions!

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I went with Practicality on [personal profile] jesse_the_k's suggestion; technically the theme is "Calculated Risks" but I changed all the colors and a lot of the decorations so I'm not sure it counts as the same theme any more.

Here's the custom CSS, which is largely ditching a lot of small-caps and extra lines, and making it more boring color-wise. (Edit) Though, if anyone wants to fiddle, there's a thing that's been commented in the code.


Thanks for the feedback, all!
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I cannot figure out how to navigate the DW style chooser thing at all.

Is there an out-of-the-box DW style that has comment pages with bigger usernames on the comments listing than Tropospherical? Or, are you using an out-of-the-box style, and does it play nice on small screens? If so, which one?

(This is part of my project of trying to be on DW more.)
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I've been meaning to move all my posting to Dreamwidth for a while, and now is as good a time as any. [*]

You don't need a Dreamwidth account to keep reading and commenting on my posts. Here's the deal:

  1. All my posts will still appear here, cross-posted from Dreamwidth.
  2. All the comments, however, will be at DW, because duplicated and separated conversations annoy me. The posts on LJ will have the number of comments on DW and a direct link to reply.
  3. You can comment at DW in three ways:
    1. Get a DW account. Ask me for an invite code, or check out [site community profile] dw_codesharing.
    2. Use your LJ account through OpenID. Go here and enter "your-username.livejournal.com" in the box. Then you'll be asked to set and confirm an e-mail address (so you can get replies to comments).

      Using OpenID, you can read locked posts, comment, and subscribe to journals. You can even have up to six icons. You just can't post entries.

    3. Comment "anonymously", not logged in; you won't be able to do this on locked posts, though, because if you're not logged in you won't be able to see them.
  4. I've done my best to duplicate the current list of people who can read locked posts from here to DW. If you have a DW account and I've listed your LJ account instead under "Access To" on my profile, do please let me know.

I prefer Dreamwidth because the people running it are much better at listening to what people want and not just dumping out new and ill-advised changes, because it's completely ad-free, and because it has a bunch of cool features (the one I never knew I needed until it happened is inline expansion of cut-tags on the reading page: click the little arrow and there the content is).

I think in sum this ought to make it exactly as easy to read and comment on my DW posts as on LJ. If there are specific things that make it less easy, I want you to tell me (comments on this post will remain open).


[*] LJ now allows you to cross-post comments to FaceBook and Twitter, even if the comment is to a locked post, thereby making it substantially less work to violate someone's privacy, inadvertently or otherwise; and pingbacks now include excerpts from locked posts. You can opt out of sending or receiving pingbacks, but not of having other people cross-post comments from your locked posts.

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