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Also, I use Quicken Desktop so I can put our upcoming bills in and make sure we have enough money for them (also remind me of recurring bills), but Quicken 2017 has recently stopped syncing and instead of upgrading, I thought I'd try Mint, because honestly the desktop program has always been kind of frustrating and I hate that they've gone to a subscription model. Except Mint . . . doesn't seem to do that? And it definitely doesn't let you reconcile an account, which is just nonsense.

Does anyone have a Windows or online accounting program that they like and that will do these very simple things?

(Edit: I just got Quicken to work again, but I'll take recs anyway fwiw.)

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I have a paid job posting up for a small modification to the WordPress plugin Gravity Forms; if you know anyone who might be good at this, please point them there—I'd really like to get some responses that actually show they've read the whole thing, understand what I want, and have a plan.
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Edit: actually I took it out of storage and am way closer to finishing the body than I thought, so I think I'm going to push ahead with what, I now remember, was a kind of improvised vertical pattern, and see how it ends up.

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I need chaptered adventure books for SteelyKid (nearly 7) with female protagonists.

I'm not sure the technical name for the format she's up to--about 80-120 pages, slightly wider than a standard mass market paperback, an illustration every chapter or so. The series we're just finishing, Beast Quest, says 7-10 years on the back, as does the one before that, Underworlds (Tony Abbott).

Natural disasters, secondary-world fantasy, and portal fantasies are the last three sub-genres she's read, I think, and mystery is okay too. And the female characters have to be the protagonists, not the sidekicks, especially not the sidekicks who keep needing to get rescued.

She has a Franny K. Stein book from her teacher, so if she likes that there's more of those. Oh, and she liked the first Creepella Von Cacklefur book, so I'll get more of those.

Ideally the prose would also be non-awful, but I made it through the Underworlds series, so I can make it through some similar non-grammatical and clunky stuff to get her girl action heroes.

(Note age/format limits, please; i.e., don't recommend Tamora Pierce. And if you're going to say "she's the sidekick but she's cool," please don't.)
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A while after we switched to cable internet [*] our home network started doing this highly annoying thing--which it is doing right now, in fact--where it would cycle off and then cycle immediately back on, every minute or so. Sometimes rebooting everything helps and sometimes not. It seems to happen mostly at night (possibly there is a temperature correlation, as we haven't turned heat on yet?).Unlike when our DSL would go on the fritz, our internal network also vanishes when it loses the internet (that is, I can't see my desktop from my netbook), so I suspect this means the problem is the router not the cable modem?

[*] I thought I was getting an all-in-one modem plus wireless router from the cable company. The instructions were zero and so I'm not sure if that's what I actually got, and anyway I realized that we still needed the existing router because of the multiple Ethernet connections we use, so I just plugged the modem-possibly-router into the existing router and it worked fine. I'd think any interference from incompatible devices or whatnot would have shown up sooner and not be so intermittent.

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New hard drive it is. While my poor sick toddler naps, I shall find the various recovery/install discs that came with the desktop, let the current drive imaging run and if it completes successfully create a rescue disk, if not do as much pulling-of-data as I can, and then go get a new hard drive installed. And it appears that Macrium will let me restore to a drive of a different size, so I will take this opportunity to upgrade the size too.

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Which I am aware is relevant to some of your interests, so if you can help, head to his blog.


Mar. 18th, 2008 08:02 am
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Dear LiveJournal,

Is there anything that can be done to jeans to stop the inside seams from chafing me?

(I'm perfectly willing to, say, remove and apply special tape before and after washing. Solutions of the form "take them to a tailor" . . . well, I'm not sure the damn things are worth even more investment, but if that's the answer, let me hear it.)

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