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I found myself awake at 9 a.m. on Sunday, somewhat to my surprise, so I actually made it a panel not my own!


Blindness has been used as a metaphor in fiction for centuries, a way to talk about knowledge, enlightenment, ignorance and agency. But for some people it is a simple fact of everyday life. We have moved away from using gender and appearance strictly as metaphor in stories (pretty = good, ugly = bad). Are we ready to look at disabilities as part of who people are, and start including them in more kinds of stories and in more diverse roles?

Gann Monroe, Sarah Smith, Rachel Tanenhaus, W. A. (Bill) Thomasson, Tanya Washburn (m)

Note: I began noting whether audience members were sighted or blind, based on their own statements, partway through my note-taking, because I thought it brought important context to the discussion. I was able to extend that to some early comments as I started tidying these notes immediately after, but unfortunately on Monday I've forgotten who said some things, so these designations aren't complete.

Trigger warning: contains an instance, late in the panel, of blatant, aggressive, and unapologetic ableism.

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This was a great panel and I particularly applaud Rachel for dealing with the asshole so well.
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Give Sexy Actors Sexy Wheelchairs! by [personal profile] janice_lester (also on LJ). I am informed, educated, and entertained. (Image-heavy, work-safe.)

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