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Kate ([personal profile] kate_nepveu) wrote2017-03-03 10:39 pm
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Steven Universe S04E19, "Tiger Philanthropist"

That was so meta I'm not even sure I can unpack all the layers.

It's about what fans (Lars) want in a narrative, or think they want, or really want. The dangers of artists (Steven, in the middle section) trying to please the presumed desires of the audience over all else. And the need for artists (both Steven and Amethyst) to be aware of what they're getting out of creating and how that might change. And being thoughtful to your collaborators!

I am not the audience for the wrestling jokes, and mostly I couldn't fall into it because I was aware how very, very meta it was, but it was a nice little Amethyst-Steven beat.

Also, what an exceedingly meta section we are in: roleplay in "The New Crystal Gems", Room!Rose in "Storm in the Room," allyship & shoving yourself into stories where you don't actually belong in "Rocknaldo." I'm not sure I wouldn't have liked these to be spread out a little bit.

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