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When the episode ended, X and I just looked at each other and said "Well... that was a thing".

Lapis said "I was right, no one could adjust that well that quickly!", but that's not what she actually said at any point. She turned it all on herself immediately. Which is in character, but it made her ending come out of left field, and meanwhile there was no resolution around her discomfort with herself.

Navy's character certainly could have been changed by her time floating around in outer space (and look, space is big, really big, how the hell did she get back to Earth at sufficient speed for reentry?), and her natural bubbliness could have been twisted into a cover for cruelty or could have been that cover all along, but that's 100% conjecture and it's frustrating to have no answer in canon at all.

I saw some interesting parallels with "Rocknaldo" about the perils of welcoming in absolutely everyone, though the lesson seems to be that people who are aggressively trying to make you do things their way are in some ways less dangerous than people who go along with whatever you do while biding their time on their own agenda. Steven's "adopt the world" attitude is definitely getting reality checks.

Garnet is the best.

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