Here, let me share a Swedish song that I've fallen in love with: "Håll om mig nu" ("Hold me now"), by Nanne Grönvall (4.2 MB Mp3). File will be up for about a week. I am terrible at describing music, but it's pop-rock with a fast percussion/synthesizer (?) thing going that I just adore, and listened to loud on repeat a lot while I was driving in the past couple of weeks.

Does anyone know this artist and whether her other songs are similar?

I discovered this through a Princess Tutu vid, which is fabulous but contains series-destroying spoilers and so should only be watched by people who (1) have seen the entire show or (2) know they aren't going to watch the show. (If you're not sure if you fall into the latter category, I have a handy-dandy recommendation post for your perusal.) If you can watch it, though, do, because even my inexperienced eyes & ears can tell that the craft in putting it together is fantastic. [*] Here's a link to high-quality downloads (the "indirect" link takes you to the vidder's home page, which doesn't require registration but may sometimes run out of bandwidth).

[*] I particularly like the set of transitions at 0:54-0:58, the foot-stomp at 1:02, the overlay at 1:23, and the image matched to the drumshot at 2:47, but I could say something about almost every shot.

Oh, and I updated the Princess Tutu icon gallery.

Princess Tutu is a 26-episode anime about ballet, fairy tales, and hope. It is metafictional like whoa, very peculiar, and not for everyone, but I ended up loving it, enough that it is a close second to Fullmetal Alchemist on my list of favorite shows.

cut for length; no spoilers )

(Written Monday night, posted Tuesday morning; more trip reports below.)

Just finished watching _Princess Tutu_. Incoherent comments behind the cut.

series-destroying spoilers )

Spoilers for episodes 14-18 of Princess Tutu behind the cut. Spoil me and I will CAPSLOCK at you.

Also, updated the icon gallery.

spoilers )

Halfway through. Spoil me and I will wipe your memory and dump you into a Stanford prison experiment.

spoilers for episodes 10-13 )

Much more into this now, though not yet really squeeful.

Spoilers for episodes 6-9 of Princess Tutu behind the cut. Spoil me for future episodes and I will cast an Unforgivable Curse on you.

episodes 6-9 )

Watched the rest of disc 1 last night (and the extras, except for the episode commentaries). Spoilers through episode 5 behind the cut. Spoil me and die.

Spoilers )

We've started three series in the last few months. Here are some quick notes on each, with spoilers for the first two or four episodes. Spoil me and I will sic a hocus on you—which includes anything referring to episodes that I haven't seen, period, end of statement.

Crest of the Stars: confusing )

Last Exile: meh )

Princess Tutu: *very* *peculiar* )

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