The last one. Warning: sketchy notes ahead. Also, punctuation abuse (I seem to have jumped from over-use of ; to overuse of : in these reports).

Publishing: Myths vs. Reality )

No, I haven't given up! This is the second-to-last of them. Disclaimers: I'm feeling slightly under the weather, and a result: this is more telegraphic in style than usual (and I've felt free to triage random comments that didn't lead anywhere), and I may be cranky. Also, this panel swung wildly between specific what-ifs and general discussions of alternate history; I thought about trying to reorganize the comments into two sections based on this division, but I don't think it would work.

What If Nelson Had Captured Napoleon: Missed Turning Points in Alternate History )

I'm doing this one out of order because it's shorter.

Brother Guy on Ice (or why the GT flag is flying at the South Pole) )

Work got hectic, so I've not had time to sit down with panel notes until now. Here's the second-most-demanded panel report. Because my Palm keyboard's batteries died, my notes are handwritten and a bit cryptic in places. I'll do my best to untangle them and welcome corrections or amplifications; in particular, I didn't stop and ask people to spell names, so while I think I have all the women pirates identified properly, I don't guarantee it.

Pirates in Petticoats: Women Pirates in Fact and Fiction )

Remarks about this year's Boskone, on everything I can think of that wasn't a panel.

General caveat )

The new location )

John M. 'Mike' Ford Memorial Auction & Extravaganza )

Miscellaneous hanging-out, also food )

Poll: panel reports )

Links to other people's reports (more to be added):

Notes to self behind the cut on Boskone's preliminary schedule. Who else is coming?

cut for length )

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