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I'm c&p'ing this in from Twitter and cleaning it up/adding links as I go, because it takes little brain.

Room filled to overflowing. Not a large room to start with, alas.

We begin. "Ok, so vegetables."

(panel is being recorded, FYI, not sure what distribution will be)

New T. Kingfisher book released by NESFA for this; not sure if has ebook, NEFSA website doesn't mention at all.

Audience demands reading from Summer in Orcus, now complete, though I haven't read yet because waiting for ebook I can buy. Reads from Chapter 2 up to mother starts speaking.

Vernon stops at particular point because "parts of this book are really depressing." Non-children's editor plays game of "spot where Ursula realized this wasn't a children's book?" And always guesses five chapters before she actually did. (Something about how houses with bug feet are totally appropriate for kids, which I presume is in Orcus.)

Q: ever write something just for sake of drawing? Yes, walking houses with bug feet. Also Dragonbreath book in Faerie, characters with masks (birds, I think, with plague doctor masks? I don't remember the particular book well enough to say).

Q from small child: why did Ratshade in first book Hamster Princess book curse Harriet? (I heard this as "didn't," but context of answer suggests it was "did.") Vernon explains that book was retelling of Sleeping Beauty with hamsters because people= hard to draw, and Ratshade was villain (in honor of beloved pet mouse or rat).

Next Q: how much of D&D campaign make into books? References blog story about hellhound. (Read post for context.) Castle in CASTLE HANGNAIL has resemblance to castle from campaign, but not much in kids' books.

Q about DIGGER that I missed because lack of context, but references to terrifying innocence of good and evil. Also references reading Diane Duane at formative age.

Q: how do you do the humor? It's like breathing, as soon as start thinking, oh God am I doing it enough? Correctly? (Editor: can you insert some more humor? "What, like a wasp with an ovipositor?") Sorry, don't know, wish could bottle and sell.

Q of all things ever planted in garden, which like least? Some things underperformed, you, out of here. Elderberry, planted a lot and is kind of obnoxious, just sits there and gives no fruit you want. (Won't get rid of it because lots of caterpillars live on it.) Also Carolina reapers (super-hot pepper): nice to grow chemical weapons but only thing good for, didn't go into gardening for frat hazing.

Q1 anything gardening made into books? Yes, see CASTLE HANGNAIL; BRYONY AND ROSES. (Not really fan of roses, in NC they get all diseases if non-native, or native roses send out runners 20' long and will pull out for rest of life.)

Q2: consider audiobooks? Don't actually like own voice so no; might make Kevin record one.

Q1: ever wished could talk CrawBob (crawfish in garden): no, know crawfish have small brains, whole thing is "I will fight you," also kind of embarrassed by time tried to get it out of garden w meat on string and it took meat away from her (I could not find this story on a quick search).

Q2 dysfunctional relationships like in DIGGER or "friendship" in CASTLE HANGNAIL, far as I know haven't had, where come from? DIGGER, from example of others; also competitive friendships a la CASTLE HANGNAIL fairly common and not seen that much in fantasy.

Q how do you feel about corn? (Audience laughs loudly.) Corn originally v mild-mannered little plant, no one could figure out how got present corn [which is very different], turns out what you get from higher carbon-dixoide atmosphere. Modern corn cannot self-pollinate. So we have made weird alien thing, fine when had lots of corn gods as is only right and proper, but now commodified, think it likely that corn gods have gone beyond mad into deranged. Someday will finish that book, but Seanan McGuire and (someone I couldn't hear) keep beating her to. Rejects audience suggestion about soybean gods.

Q about print things from Hidden Almanac podcast. Sometimes thinks about Book of Hours for saints, but can write saint lives way faster than can draw.

Q: tell us an animal story. "Oh, put me on the spot." Ernie, her previously-mistreated hound: describes a good day for him, but this is not a story. Mentions squirrel bot fly, says do not google. In past had been "living in a squirrel zombie" story.

Settles on talking about visiting a friend who keeps emus, "nature's least majestic creatures." They run wildly waving heads everywhere, hard to catch both because of waving and because they don't know where they're going either. Describes Great Emu War (see). Emus thought Kevin fascinating and staaaaared and one pecked at his ear, pulling bead out of captive bead ring. Fortunately emu did not swallow bead, so repairs did not have to wait 36 hours. Kevin said, he would go to porch and then suddenly there would be emus. He would go inside, people would tell him it's safe, so he'd go back, and then THEY were back.

(During visit, also met turkeys who would gobble in sync.)

Friend apparently told UPS guy re: emus, if you don't run they won't chase you. (UPS guy possibly driven off by screaming turkeys?) Emus have run off snowmobilers, who find being paced among fence startling!

Q: story behind preferred suffix of -Bob for stuff around house: lawn crawfish, vulture on roof? Vernon: this (vulture) could happen to anyone! We are perfectly law-abiding! -Bob started with brief experiment w salt-water fish tank. Came with a thing that anchors to rock and stings everything and spreads (hydroid?). Also had anemones (? not sure I didn't mix these up), accepted method to get rid of them are to train to take food from humans and then squirt boiling water at!! Refused, got rid of tank. Called all those critters -Bob, but if ever got a sponge would call it Henry (I think).

(Infectious disease doctor heard that got salt water tank, said, does your doctor know?! When you get mysterious disease need to know so they can do HOUSE moment of revealing source, those tanks are full of diseases. Tells her doctor, who says, I don't know how those infectious disease people leave the house.)

Q: where did plague doctor masks thing come from? "What, lots of kids want to be plague doctors." Some kind of colored fact cards from the 1980s that had a thing about the Black Death. Her mom nixed idea of being plague doctor for Halloween, though, she went as a javelina. (Mom apparently still apologizes for costume.)

Q: Are all hamster princess books going to be fairy tale retellings? Yes, I can't come up with plots very well. Explains 12 Dancing Princesses to young questioner, says "12 identical mice in tutus is much better idea in your head before you have to draw them."

Q re CASTLE HANGNAIL & developers. "It's subtle, but there may be a slight anti-developer bias" in that book. (It's not subtle.) Lives in town of 4k, planned development of 60k that can only be reached by 2-lane bridge across lake, so will be... interesting. Chance that 60k people will never really move in, chance she will become obnoxious person who lines property w/ giant metal chickens and stares at neighbors -- Audience yells "emus!" Kevin says allowed to get if gets rid of neighbors (I think). Discussion of his prior offer to wire giant metal chickens to breathe fire; audience said do need to keep emus under control. Audience: rig metal chickens so only flame after rain. Expected result: "damp flaming emus" (name of my next band).

Q about recent shiny reading. Reads less when depressed, but reading nonfiction about vegetables that I missed. Trying to read survivalist manuals, but keeps trying to redline seed stuff and then loses six hours on Internet. Also reading about "bug out bags," some have like 70 items, really bug out RVs.

Q: how far in advance write, record Hidden Almanac podcast? Generally record night before, few nights before if traveling or special guest. Doesn't really plan self-published things in advance or give self buffer.

Q: you've said inspired by Pratchett; when I see hyenas in DIGGER, think of Nac Mac Feegle; also, why do they believe seat of consciousness in liver? Hadn't read WEE FREE MEN before DIGGER; think probably picked up from anthropology classes, also people eat livers. (If on tundra and starving, and kill very confused tiger (or polar bear) don't eat its liver, will die of Vitamin A poisoning.)

Q about Hufflepuff war badger (probably this) on t-shirt. Is not on Topatoco because doesn't want to be the one JKR notices. Notes difference between European, American reactions to badgers; Europeans "oh, sure, hardworking" and Americans "ooh, yeah, they will fuck you up." If badger takes over henhouse that it's, the house is the badger's now, might as well move.

Q from someone holding turnip, why do they show up a lot in your art? Fun word, fun to draw. Once drawn thing few times people assume symbol, but not really re the turnips. Fortunately was mostly out of art class where had to defend self by turnip phase. Was once asked to defend imaginary units on fictional ruler. "It's in Celsius," of course it doesn't make sense!

Q: why survivalist manuals? Planning for rain of burning cows. (over audience laughter) No, really, have this all planned out. [Something] sets off Ring of Fire, which sets of Yellowstone super volcano, which leads to subsidence and inland sea, which leads to hurricane that sweeps across and gathers up confused swimming cows, and brings them across the fires caused by volcano and thus: rain of burning cows, which she will be prepared for.

Qs about heirloom beans and raising food to eat that I missed because unfamiliar names, except she raises peppers because they like neglect, which she can provide.

Q brings up The Great Hot Tub Massacre and buying a gun, which you should just read. Last q: about gun stores, do think will be able to find a liberal one? Probably in this area, yes, easier than in NC. Also told many hunters quietly liberal and just don't talk about it. (Story about father-in-law omitted because I didn't get all the details and don't want to second-hand misrepresent non-public figure.)

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It's worth the read, but...yeah, it does require either spending around 3 days immersed in it (probably less if you just carry the book around) or setting a schedule.

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