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My sleep debt is uncountable so this is not particularly coherent.

I have said multiple times, and believe very strongly, that (our) Rose Quartz must never come back on the show. I don't have time or brain to explain how wrong I think that would be.

And I knew that from the nature of the Room and the way she was acting, that she wasn't actually Rose Quartz, basically right from the beginning.

But I was still kind of disappointed, because the desire for closure and answers is so strong, and to be fair because the Room is kind of weird and mysterious and who knows what Rose might've . . . imbued it with.

So I think it was pretty brave of SU to take this route, knowing that it would be unsatisfying to perhaps many people, and instead tying back to the lessons of the Zoo week: you have to move on, you have to depend on the relationships you have now and not be defined by the ones you can't have any longer.

Minor thoughts:

I know Dr. Maheswaran had a very rough entry on the show, but I do respect that she didn't comment negatively on Steven's outfit. I will take as a plot necessity her not calling Connie from a hospital phone. Basically I'm glad she's continuing to be decent.

It honestly hadn't occurred to me that Steven might think Rose was trying to escape her problems, since things had been so quiet for so long, but it's a totally understandable thing for him to feel.

Steven places Pink Diamond's shattering after Rose's bubbling of Bismuth in the timeline.

There may've been more, but I can't recall now, sorry.

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