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Spoilers for all versions of Fullmetal Alchemist.

So the Toast-commenters-in-exile have a Slack, and some people there proposed a Fullmetal Alchemist Brotherhood watch, which of course is entirely my jam. We're actually interleaving early episodes of FMA as an experiment, since FMA:B shortens some of the opening and does it in a weird order. Specifically:

- FMA 1 & 2, the Lior episodes (to replace FMA:B 3, which does Lior in one episode).

- but apparently replacing FMA:B 2, "The First Day," with FMA 3, "Mother," wasn't a great idea, as there's more late-manga worldbuilding interleaved into the FMA:B episode.

- FMA 5, "The Man with the Mechanical Arm", to introduce Hakuro, Hughes, and Mustang

- FMA 6 & 7, Nina *sob* (to replace FMA:B 4, for maximum angst -- though it's just been pointed out to me that FMA has Shou taken away and FMA:B has him killed on-screen, which is kind of a big difference, so maybe this interleaving idea was a terrible idea after all)

- FMA:B 5, the Nina aftermath

- then FMA 9, to introduce Yoki, who otherwise just . . . shows up in FMA:B like you're supposed to know who he is (in FMA, this is before they hear about Marcoh, who is introduced in FMA:B 6)

- and then from there FMA:B 6 through the end.

So tonight while waiting for laundry to go into the dryer, I had no brain for anything but some rewatch and live-blogging. Here, therefore, are notes about FMA 1 & 2 (and then I got sucked into semi-watching FMA:B to compare).

It was harder than I expected to really focus on these, so maybe doing Lior in one episode would've been ok after all, or maybe it's just my familiarity. Or maybe it's just that I'm really really tired and also had a keyboard in front of me, splitting my attention.

FMA 1, "Those Who Challenge The Sun"

I forgot it opens with the failed transmutation attempt! BABIES

also what they transmuted is different in FMA:B, as I recall, there's no light in the eyes or movement (major plot difference) -- in FMA:B 3, Al says it didn't even look human.

caption says 1910; I can't remember if FMA:B establishes the year

And then the slapstick of them being in the desert, whee transitions, I remember this being difficult to get used to as baby's first anime

Hi, Lust-inna-cloak! You're not flagrantly mysterious and plot-significant at all!

Hi, Rose! I'm so glad you get such a better fate in FMA:B!

Ah, some basic alchemy exposition.

"Great, Ed. Push your total cynicism on someone else." I do love Al. Ed really is being a bit of a jerk just because he can; I don't think he actually expects science to resurrect anyone.

Oh hey, introducing chimeras this early, too. I'd also forgotten that.

FMA 2, "Body of the Sanctioned"

I'd forgotten how long the opening songs are for these. It does make the rewatch faster.

Yeah, Cornello speechifying and fighting, not holding my attention. (I actually sped this up, on mute with subtitles on.)

WTF, is Lust actually materializing in Cornello's room as a snake or was that a dream? (I think the latter, but this show gets so weird about the Homunculi.)

Hi, shape-shifting Envy!

Oh, and we're ending the episode on Al saying he needs to tell Rose about their mistakes, and a misty flashback to their mom -- I didn't realize there was a framing device for the next flashback episode(s).

Just for shits and giggles, I then tossed up

FMA:B 3, "City of Heresy"

likewise on mute, with subs, at increased speed.

This starts out with them in the town already and listening to the radio.

Changes their first meeting with Cornello right into the ambush; adds in Cornello asking Rose to shoot Ed, and her trying but shooting off Al's helmet instead, before bringing out the chimera.

Keeps the dramatic cloak-flourish, my favorite!

No Ed taken prisoner, no zombie parrots. Ed gets Cornello to talk by threatening him with the army coming in. Then Cornello hulks out, wtf?! No public fight.

And then Rose holds a gun on them again demanding the Stone, also wtf?!

No Lust or Gluttony until the very end. Lust kills Cornello by stabbing him through the head from a distance, not by letting Gluttony eat him. No imposter!Envy.

Hmmm. Yeah, I dunno, I still say Lior should've gone first, but that wasn't awful. Not sure what I think about the changes to Rose, though.

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