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When I gave my Mary Sue talk, it was at a quasi-academic conference in a session on fans and gender. One of my co-panelists was Olivia Mendoza, a student at Ithaca College; she gave a great presentation on genderswapping fanfic, focusing on the Rule 63 variant in Avengers fandom.

She's kindly put her slides up on Dropbox; take a look! And feel free to leave recommendations for your favorite fics on the topic as well as any comments. (I'll be dropping her a link to this post.)

I already recommended one of my favorites here, which swaps both the Sherlock versions of Holmes and Watson:

Boston Marriage (75193 words) by pendrecarc
Chapters: 11/11
Fandom: Sherlock (BBC) - Fandom
Rating: Mature
Warnings: Author Chose Not To Use Archive Warnings
Relationships: Sherlock Holmes/expensive violins, John Watson/OC
Characters: Ensemble Cast - Character
Additional Tags: Genderswap, Case Fic, Big Bang Challenge, Women Being Awesome, Bechdel Test Pass
Series: Part 1 of Suite for Strings and Steel
Summary: (see notes for warnings)

In which Jo Watson tries to take this therapy business into her own hands, London produces enough crimes of interest to satisfy even Sherlock Holmes, and the Bechdel test doesn't know what hit it. Game on.

I have more, but I really must be doing other things now, so. What about you all?

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Here is the text of my Mary Sue talk! [ETA: for people coming here through outside links, this was given at a quasi-academic conference with a fifteen-minute limit.] It is mostly as I gave it except I skipped a couple of paragraphs for time. I do have slides but I'm not sure I'm going to bother, they were very text-heavy and not that interesting. (Edit: moved the links to the end of this post, since there were no comments on the links-only post and this way everything's all in one place.)

the text of my talk )

the links )

You know, the panel before this ended early, and while the last panel looked interesting, my neck and shoulders are screaming at me from spending most of the day bending over my netbook, and if I leave now, I can eat a leisurely dinner and then go see Iron Man 3 instead of bolting my food and fretting the whole way. So despite my guilt, I'm playing hooky.

If you were at the conference, say hi! I do have notes about my co-panelists' talks, which I will post, but maybe they'll put their slides or notes up somewhere. Stay tuned. Just not until tomorrow, probably.

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Onward. This turns out to be only notes on one panel, sorry, though a few questions.

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I remain more sleepy than optimal. Note-taking will help me stay awake!

Keynote: a tour of fantasy and how it's changed )
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And we continue. Feeling a little not-here, let's see if actual familiarity with texts helps me concentrate more.

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And now, lunch. Then Pierce's talk, then me, eek.
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As usual, hanging out with my netbook and taking notes to the extent I understand things. I don't guarantee full reporting or full comprehension, I'm tired and some portion of my brain is hamster-wheeling over my talk. So I'm just going to post things as we go.

Full program.

Session 1:  )
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Here's the conference program for Pippi to Ripley: The Female Figure in Fantasy and Science Fiction, being held at Ithaca College in NY on May 5. I'm giving a talk "An Introduction to Mary Sue and Her Critical Uses and Abuses," on a panel that also has a talk on Women in Refrigerators and on gender-swap fic, so I'm looking forward to it a lot. (Also, Tamora Pierce is the keynote speaker, which is cool.)

Question for you all: it seems to me that I don't see Mary Sues (or Gary Stus, if you prefer that terminology) in slash fic. First, of course, I see very few canon/OC slash pairings (people seem to do crossovers if they aren't feeling any of the canon dynamics). But the slant taken on canon male characters in slash seems to me to be geared toward making them objects not subjects, or to put it more concretely, woobiefication seems to be undertaken to make them suffer more prettily for the authors'/readers' aesthetic appreciation, not so that authors/readers can use them as placeholders for themselves. But this is just my impression and, of course, I don't write the stuff, so what do you all think?

(By the way, I had not noticed TV Tropes' opening quote when I picked this icon. Great minds, apparently.)

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In May, I will be giving a 15-minute talk based on the following abstract, which is not the most elegant thing I ever wrote but which does get the idea across, I hope.

An Introduction to Mary Sue and Her Critical Uses and Abuses

“Mary Sue” was coined in the 1970s by a Star Trek fanfic writer to criticize fanfic characters who were improbably wonderful authorial self-insertions (e.g., she’s the youngest Captain in the history of Starfleet, she has amethyst eyes, and every character is hopelessly in love with her). Since then the term has become common among other groups of science fiction and fantasy fans, who use it to refer to characters outside of fanfic, and has even spread into the mainstream media. Today, people use the term to mean anything from the original adolescent wish-fulfillment character who warps the entire story around her to any character who seems to resemble a female author. This talk gives a brief overview of Mary Sue’s history and multiple meanings, and then explores the ways in which she is a useful concept and the ways in which she is used to suppress women’s writing.

This is a mostly-academic conference, the first instance of which I blogged about two years ago, and so though it talks by default about "papers," I don't think I need to have a formal paper written, just a presentation. Which is good, because reading prewritten remarks in a useful and interesting way is not a skill I have.

I will probably be running drafts by y'all closer to, but if there's anything you think might be a bit of a less-common take on the topic, feel free.

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In 2011, I went to a conference in Ithaca, NY at Ithaca College called "Pippi to Ripley: Heroines of Fantasy and Science Fiction" and took lots of notes.

It's being held again in May 2013 (under a slightly different name); the keynote speaker will be Tamora Pierce. Here's the call for papers as a Word file, or I reproduce the text behind the cut.

call for papers )

I'm planning to go and thinking about submitting a proposal myself. The prior post's rant might work, actually, though I think it might be more useful for me to do something about fanfic fandom or about race, I just can't quite think of what. Maybe Korra tomorrow will give me an idea? Or, ooooh, what about an introduction to Mary Sue?

Anyway, I'm happy to take suggestions. What would you propose, were you able to be in Ithaca next May?

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